Waid makes a move?

[Mark Waid]For a about a year now Mark Waid has been working exclusively for CrossGen Comics, the Tampa, Florida based publisher that grabs headlines for signing top comics talent like George Perez, Chuck Dixon, and Waid, to exclusive contracts.

In a press release issued August 23rd of last year it was announced that Waid had accepted a full time position as Senior Writer with CrossGen Comics. As part of the signing Waid relocated from his home in New York to Tampa to begin working for CrossGen, January of this year.

"I've been hankering for a long, long time to get back into management and administration somewhere in the field," Waid told the CBR News August 24th of last year regarding his decision to go exclusive with CrossGen. "I want to do all I can to help make sure comics don't go the way of the automat and the drive-in movie in the coming years, and there's much more I can do from behind that desk than from behind this one. [Company president and CEO] Mark Alessi's the real deal -- a man with passion AND financing AND a plan -- and he sold me. I'm anxious to see what we can do together."

CBR News has learned from sources close to the situation that Waid will no longer be working exclusively for CrossGen, a break from the company's working practices until now. One of his first outside-CrossGen projects will reportedly be "Fantastic Four," recently exited by Carlos Pacheco.

Waid's first published work through CrossGen was on the title "Sigil" with contributions to "Crux" soon there after. More recently "Ruse #1" was released, with artist Butch Guice, and was well received by fans as was the "Negation Prequel."

"Mark Waid has recently signed a long term agreement to write 'Ruse,' the book he's doing such a great job on," Ian Feller, the Director of Corporate Communications for CrossGen told CBR News Monday when asked if Waid was leaving CrossGen. "There is the possibility he may be doing another monthly title for us in the future."

According to Feller a new agreement was signed with Waid recently, but specific questions about the terms of the contract, its length and whether it precluded him from writing for companies other than CrossGen went unanswered.

As to the news Waid may shortly be working for Marvel, Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, Editor Tom Brevoort and Waid all responded with a "no comment" when asked by CBR News for specifics.

"Mark Waid is a contracted employee of CrossGen and thus I can't comment on what he may or may not be doing in the future," Bill Rosemann, the Marketing Communications Manager for Marvel Comics told CBR News Monday.

In related news, this past Sunday Rich Johnston posted a rumor that artist Mike Wieringo has left his job as penciller of DC Comics's "Adventures of Superman" to take over the "Fantastic Four" for Marvel.

"At this point, I'll have to use the old phrase: 'I can neither confirm nor deny these rumors at this time,' Wieringo told fans on his Tellos.com Message Boards. "But there WILL be news soon. Promise."

CBR News will bring you more on this story as it becomes available.

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