Waid & Gillen Revisit a Gamma Bomb Origin in "Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk"

While some secrets are so bad, people want them to remain buried, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner believed their shared skeleton in the closet was blown to smithereens. Unfortunately for them, writers Mark Waid and Kieron Gillen are set to prove them wrong in "Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk."

Announced on USA Today, the four-issue miniseries -- solicited as "Original Sin" #3.1-3.4 -- reveals that Stark may have had a hand in Banner's gamma bomb incident. "After this, all bets are off between Iron Man and the Hulk," Axel Alonso told USA Today. "There is no going back. There's only manning up and facing the consequences." ""This is going to be the proverbial emotional roller coaster," Gillen said of the tale. "These are not unemotional men."

While this set-up might make fans think of Tony as the villain of the situation, Waid says things aren't quite so black and white. "Even given the question on the table, there is sill something very heroic about the decisions [Tony] makes in this story. It's easy to write a cynical story where you find out that there's an original sin and somebody's done something wrong. It's easy to reveal something dark about a character, but the hard part -- and to me the most rewarding part -- is to try to figure out a way in which that helps define them as a hero rather than just tarnishes them."

"Original Sin: Iron Man vs Hulk" will be released weekly in June 2014.

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