Waid Assembles Big Stories for "All-New All-Different Avengers"

Super heroes make the impossible seem possible, inspiring everyday people to reach a little farther and be a little bit better. And what's more inspiring than when Earth's greatest individual heroes set their differences aside to unite as an even greater force for good? Not much, judging by the worldwide juggernaut Marvel's Avengers franchise has become.

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This October, a new day will dawn, bringing together a band of eclectic heroes both young and old, joined by their desire to protect humanity. Mark Waid and artists Mahmud Asrar and Adam Kubert are prepared to chronicle the adventures of the team of heroes rising from the ashes of "Secret Wars" in "All-New All-Different Avengers." CBR News spoke with Waid about the book's cast, the events that bring them together as a team and the dynamic between his Avengers. He explains that the book will strike a balance between intimate character moments and big action, and hints at some major events in store for more than one young member.

CBR News: Part of the fun of writing the Avengers, of course, is the great line up of characters you get to play with. What do you find most interesting about the three youngest members of the team: Ms. Marvel, Nova, and the Spider-Man formerly from the Ultimate Universe, Miles Morales?

Mark Waid: That they bring a whole new perspective to the idea of being an Avenger. They're not naive or star-struck (well, Kamala a little, maybe), but it's still a huge deal for them to be recruited as Avengers.

What can you tell us about the roles Captain America and Thor will play on this new team? How similar and how different will they be to roles those characters' predecessors played on past Avengers teams?

Honestly, I don't know that hardly anyone plays a role similar to his or her past one -- not even Tony [Stark], who (for reasons we'll see in "Invincible Iron Man") is no longer in a position to fund the team. Thor will still be the heaviest hitter, sure, and Vision will still be the Eternal Voice of Dispassionate Reason -- but Sam [Wilson] having the role of Captain America means he's called upon to be a moral center at a time when his own upbringing steers him towards being a little less-considered than Steve Rogers was, for instance.

When "All-New All-Different Avengers" starts, your team has not yet formed. What can you tell us about "The Day Unlike Any Other" that will lead to the group's formation? How bad do things get on that day?

Pretty rough. Warbringer -- a Chitauri "big boss" who put Earth on his radar in recent issues of "Nova" -- has come to our planet to wring some retribution for his defeat. He's a smart, smart invader, though -- he's less about posturing through force and more about using the natural weaknesses of a sometimes fearful human race to his advantage. That doesn't mean there won't be bombastic fights -- but not all is as it seems.

What's the initial group dynamic like? How much do these characters initially trust each other, because we know some people in the group, like Jane Foster, are very protective of their secret identities.

Jane's especially protective, and at first no one else will know who she really is -- until one Avenger discovers her secret and doesn't quite know how to react. Same with Vision and Nova -- they share a secret that they stumbled onto that, for good reason, can't be made public, and it's wearing on poor Nova something awful. This is an Avengers team that's trusting and meshes well, but there are cracks in the foundation. And then, after what's going to happen to Ms. Marvel -- well, all bets will be off.

You're kicking things off with an origin tale for the team, and the Free Comic Book Day story hinted at a mystery involving Radioactive Man. Beyond that, can you hint or tease some of the stories you have planned?

The balancing act we're maintaining is between big and small. Each individual issue is built around some huge moment, but that "huge moment" doesn't necessarily have to be the Potential End of the Earth each month. Sometimes it's a big, shocking moment between two Avengers. Sometimes it's the return of a forgotten villain or the debut of a new one. Editor Tom Brevoort wisely suggested I think less about Trying To End The World every issue and more about the way the early [Chris] Claremont/[John] Byrne X-Men stories played out, deriving their drama as much from character as from danger.

"All-New All-Different Avengers" is really shaping up to be an Avengers book you've never seen before, in any way -- a hybrid explosion of classic and modern Marvel storytelling -- and we're having a ball planning it out!

Your collaborators on "All-New All-Different Avengers" are Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar, two artists with distinct styles, both of whom have shown how great they are with team and multi-character books.

Both of them are dreams come true to work with. Mahmud brings such character and passion to these characters that they practically leap off the page. We can have all the super explosive fight scenes you'd expect in a series like this, but if the readers don't connect to and care about the individual Avengers, it means nothing. Mahmud brings the humanity.

And Adam? Adam's a brilliant, brilliant storyteller. No one I'd trust more to choreograph the ins and outs of this team of heroes. No one ever just stands around and hangs out in an Adam Kubert comic -- his characters move, man.

"All-New, All-Different Avengers" #1 debuts in October from Marvel Comics.

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