Wachowskis and Straczynski Team On Top-Secret TV Series

The Wachowskis are approaching a pretty big release with the forthcoming Cloud Atlas, and they're letting their confidence with the project show. The directing siblings are teaming with comic book writer and Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski on a new television series called Sense8.

Variety has the news about the show, which will feature hourlong episodes. Like all Wachowski projects, there is little known about the show and everything is being kept top secret. It's being shopped around to networks, and the Wachowskis are saying they'd even be willing to direct a few episodes.

This isn't the only project the Wachowskis have on their plate. In addition to Cloud Atlas, the duo are working on a sci-fi film called Jupiter Ascending that will star Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. They've also been trying to get their film Cobalt Neural 9 picked up, but it seems like it's on the backburner for now.

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