Voyager's True Origin Has Major Implications For The Entire Marvel Universe

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Avengers: No Surrender # by Jim Zub, Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Paco Medina, Joe Bennett, Juan Vlasco, Ruy Jose, Jesus Arbutov, Morry Hollowell and Cory Petit, on sale now.

Last week’s installment of Avengers: No Surrender revealed half of the truth about Valeria Vector, the mysterious founding Avenger known as Voyager. It turns out, she isn’t a founding Avenger at all, and the team’s memories of her are all manufactured.

However, this still leaves the question of her true identity and what her role is in the ongoing game between The Grandmaster and The Challenger, particularly in light of Voyager having claimed the final Pyramoid for herself at the conclusion of last issue. This week, we get that answer -- and it's no exaggeration to say that the truth about Voyager could very well change everything we know about Marvel’s cosmic landscape going forward.

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Daddy Issues

This week, we learn that Voyager is in fact the daughter of En Dwi Gast, the cosmic entity known as The Grandmaster. She was raised at his side, traveling the universe and engaging in games with her father, using his role as a cosmic gamesman to save worlds and seemingly make the universe a better place. Her powers of teleportation granted to her by her father don’t just extend to space, but also to time as well, with an interestingly unique side-effect. Rather than time travel in a traditional sense, Voyager can move through memories and leave ghosts of herself behind in such a way that people won’t question whether they're real.

Thus, after inserting herself in the history of The Avengers, Voyager was her father’s secret weapon in his game against The Challenger. An ace in the hole their foe would never think to question, because she was just another one of Earth’s many super-powered protectors. However, The Grandmaster didn’t account for his daughter to grow tired of her role in his games and strike out on her own, changing the landscape of the competition and, for once, leaving him in the dark.

All In The Family

Voyager’s role as The Grandmaster’s daughter puts her in a very elite club in the Marvel Universe, as one of the very few children of The Elders of the Universe. By design, the Elders are the last of their respective races, so most of them are childless. But some, like The Collector, do have children out there. This is significant, not only because it raises the immediate question of “Who is her mother?” -- it also changes the landscape of Marvel’s cosmic universe.

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The Elders are some of the most powerful beings in existence, below only cosmic entities such as Eternity and The Living Tribunal in terms of significance. Any time a new one is introduced — just like The Challenger several weeks ago — it forces us to view the way the Marvel Universe works in a new light.

Voyager has so far spent her life working with her father, but now she’s going solo. By changing the rules of the game, she’s become the biggest wild card in the cosmic contest between The Grandmaster and The Challenger. She has the final Pyramoid in her control, but she hasn’t physically claimed it, meaning it and the game is still in play. What does she plan to do with it and what happens when The Avengers figure out the truth of their seemingly long-lost ally? With a single, major revelation, Avengers: No Surrender has once again upended everything we thought we knew about it, making it a must-read title for any Avengers fan.

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