Voting opens for leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes

Today DC Comics revives an old tradition by allowing fans to select the next leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Through the wonders of 31st-century 21st-century technology, readers no longer have to mail in their votes. Instead, they visit the Legion election website and simply click on one of the 25 candidates. (Twenty-five?)

If you've not had the time to brush up on the contenders, you might consider the well-reasoned endorsement by the Legion Abstract fan blog of Phantom Girl, "one of the longest-serving of all Legionnaires, yet has never been leader." Michael at The Legion Ominicon voted for Gates, the socialist insectoid teleporter, "just to see what [writer] Paul Levitz would do with him."

On the DC Universe blog, Editor Brian Cunningham notes that Legion elections "can have some very interesting consequences."

"A reader poll throws us a potential creative curve ball," he writes. "I recall during the 1980s, the readership elected longtime Substitute Legionnaire Polar Boy — an unlikely turn of events, given the illusion that the Legionnaires themselves were voting. But Paul, who wrote the series at the time, just rolled with it and crafted some very clever and entertaining stories around it."

Voting ends on Nov. 10. The winner will be revealed in December's Legion of Super-Heroes #8.

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