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Welcome to the Top 100 Comics of the 2010s poll!

As the year draws to a close, we're heading into the 2020s, and while a decade technically starts with the 1 and ends with the 0, come on, no one actually looks at decades like that. No one looks back at 1990 and says, "Ah, the 80s." It just doesn't work like that in practice, so while we might not technically be at the end of the 2010s, for all reasonable intents and purposes, we ARE. And since we are, it's time for our readers to share their picks for their favorite comics of the decade!

Here's the deal. You folks have the chance to vote until 11:59 PM Eastern time, December 6th. I'll tabulate all the votes and I'll begin a countdown of the winners starting sometime after that (and soon enough to get the countdown all finished before we hit 2020).

Sound good?

Okay, here are the guidelines! I'm going to try to get this one as simple as possible. Rules that I'll force you to follow in our annual polls I won't bother with here, just because I want to make it as simple as I can.

1. Vote by e-mailing me your ballot at brianc@cbr.com. Put in your subject heading something along the lines of "Top Comics of the 2010s." It doesn't have to be that precise phrasing, but something along those lines. Just so that I know that your e-mail is your ballot for sorting purposes.

2. You're going to be voting for ten comics in total here. Your ten favorite comics of the 2010s. Vote for less than ten and I don't count your ballot. But come on, how can you not think of 10 comics you dug in the past DECADE?

3. Rank your ten favorite comics from the 2010s from #1 (your most favorite) to #10 (your 10th most favorite). I'd prefer it if you actually numbered your entry, 1-10. It's easier for me to count. Just reply in the body of the e-mail. Don't send attachments. I'm already going to have to cut and paste a ton, don't make me have to open up a pdf or whatever on top of that.

Here's a template you can use as a guide. You can just copy and paste it into your e-mail:












4. Your top choice will be given 10 points, your second choice 9, etc.

5. When it comes to comic books, you're going to vote for the RUNS that you liked the best. I was going to make people break stuff down by stories, but I'll allow it to be simpler and let you just name runs. I know that's complicated, as many runs have had multiple artists work on them, so just for the sake of simplicity, if a run has a bunch of artists involved, let's stick with "Mark Waid's Daredevil" or "Jonathan Hickman's Avengers." That CLEARLY does not accurately reflect those runs, and when the voting is tabulated, I will be sure to credit the artists involved, this is purely for the sake of making it easier to keep track of stuff. But if there's a regular artist, please credit the artist, like Tom King and Gabriel Hernandez Walta's Vision.

7. You can also vote for graphic novels. Graphic novels in a series can count as a single comic (like March).

8. If a webcomic was collected in print for the first time in this decade, it counts. So Hark, a Vagrant! would be eligible.

9. A run has to have at least one-third of the issues released in the 2010s to count as being a "2010s" run. I don't expect you to do some precise math. I'm sure you have a pretty good idea if a run was almost entirely in the previous decade save for an issue or two. But books like Jonathan Hickman's Fantastic Four, Robert Kirkman and Charles Adlard's Walking Dead and Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha's Fables all are eligible. For Grant Morrison's Batman, though, you'll have to stick with "Batman Inc."

10. I'll make various other decisions in the interest of fairness.

If you have questions and or requests for clarification, feel free to e-mail me them (again, make the subject heading clear so I'll know it's a question and not a cast ballot). I'll list the answers here:

A. House of X/Powers of X can be one story. Most people have already been voting it like this, just confirming it.

B. If a creator run exceeds 30 years, you can still vote for that run's 2010-2019 output, even if it technically exceeds the above "one-third" rule. So if you want to vote for Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo, go for it.

Most importantly, have fun!

Now vote! :)

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