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Special online voting competition starts today-Grendel or B.P.R.D. could be your next HeroClix characters

March 29, 2006-Some people collect them simply for the figures, others for the tools to the game, but no matter the reason one thing is clear: HeroClix Collector's Sets are a popular commodity. These sets, produced by WizKids and voted on by fans, are based on a ranking system where players will rank which set they want to see most to the ones they want to see less. The candidate theme receiving the highest overall score will be made into the fourth HeroClix Collector's Set!

This year Dark Horse has two nominated titles, Mike Mignola's B.P.R.D. and Matt Wagner's Grendel. The other titles in competition are Wildstorm's Astro City, DC's Metal Men, and Marvel's 2099.

"The HeroClix community gets to decide what Collector's Sets are produced in the future. Collector's Sets will be issued with or around each new HeroClix booster release-and the themes of many sets will be determined by players' votes! Most Collector's Sets will include from five to seven characters, all tied together by a specific theme. Collector's Set themes will allow collectors and players to get their hands on some of their favorite characters who might not otherwise appear in a HeroClix release," writes WizKids, in explanation of the program.

Voting begins today, March 29, and continues for one week ending on Wednesday, April 5. WizKids will post the results on Monday, April 10. You can vote online at http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/indy/hc_article.asp?cid=40726.

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