Vote now for the Stumptown Comic Arts Awards

Voting is now open for the annual Stumptown Comic Arts Awards, which are presented in conjunction with the yearly Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Ore.

Categories for this year's awards include Best Artist, Best Writer, Best Cartoonist, Best Letterer, Best Colorist, Best Publication Design, Best Small Press, Best Anthology, and Best New Talent, as well as a new category, Best Webcomic. Nominees were chosen by a jury of industry professionals, and the awards also include a "Reader's Choice" category.

The 2013 nominees are:

Best Writer

Cullen Bunn — The Sixth Gun: Sons of the GunGreg Rucka — StumptownLeia Weathington — The Legend of Bold RileyJoshua Williamson — Sketch MonstersNunzio Defilippis and Christina Weir — Bad Medicine, Vol. 1: New Moon

Best Artist

Jonathan Case — The CreepEzra Clayton Daniels — Upgrade SoulSteve Lieber — Alabaster: WolvesJuanjo Guarnido — Blacksad: A Silent HellMatthew Southworth — Stumptown

Best Cartoonist

Francesco Francavilla — The Black BeetleBrian Churilla — The Secret History of D.B. CooperNoah Van Sciver — The Hypo: The Melancholic Young LincolnCarla Speed McNeil — Finder: TalismanChris Schweizer — Crogan’s Adventures

Best Letterer

Finder: Talisman — Carla Speed McNeilThe Yellow Zine — Roman MuradovThe Black Beetle — Nate Piekos for Blambot!Jumbo Deluxe — Adrian WallaceWings for Wheels, “Home is Where the Boss Is” — Nomi Kane

Best Colorist

Lilli Carre — Heads or TailsBrian Churilla — The Secret History of D.B. CooperBill Crabtree — The Sixth Gun, Bad MedicineKory Bing — Skin Deep: ExchangesRoman Muradov — The Yellow Zine

Best Publication Design

A Comic Guide to Brewing Coffee — designed by Lara AntalGrandville — designed by Bryan TalbotBucko — designed by Allyson HallerHeads or Tails — designed by Lilli CarréBlacksad — designed by Cary Grazzini

Best Anthology

Once Upon a Time Machine — published by Dark Horse Comics and Locust MoonNo Straight Lines — published by FantagraphicsCreepy — published by Dark Horse ComicsThe Devastator — published by The DevastatorSmut Peddler — published by Iron Circus Comics

Best Small Press

Poorcraft: The Funnybook Fundamentals of Living Well on Less — C. Spike Trotman and Diana NockTerra Tempo: The Four Corners of Time — David Shapiro, Christopher Herndon, and Erica MelvilleDevastator #7 — published by The DevastatorFame and Misfortune — Kel McDonaldWings for Wheels: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen — Edited by Nomi Kane

Best New Talent

Margaret Trauth — Decrypting RitaIbrahim Moustafa — High CrimesLeia Weathington — The Legend of Bold RileyLaurianne Uy — PolterguysKory Bing — Skin Deep Exchanges

Best Webcomic

Ezra Clayton Daniels — Upgrade SoulAndy Warner — Brief Histories of Everyday ObjectsJake Richmond — Modest MedusaEvan Dahm — Vattu Juan Santapau — The Secret Knots

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