Vote for the Top 50 Female Comic Writers and Artists of All-Time!

Hi Folks. Kelly Thompson here.

Sorry for the confusion this morning, some confusion between Brian and I between who was doing this portion of the post. Apparently it's me! Here goes!

So, as noted in this widely circulated post from yesterday's Special Edition of She Has No Head!, which I encourage all of you to read before voting, the impetus of this poll is to shine a big spotlight on female writers and artist in the comics industry.

While we have no intention of ghettoizing women, I was really disheartened when Brian's last Top 100 Comic Book Writers and Artists of All-Time poll went up last December to see that not only did only two women make the final list (Fiona Staples debuted on the artist list for the first time at #31, and Gail Simone again made the writers list, this time at #41) but many people's ballots featured no women at all. And I can understand that. When you have only 10 precious artist spaces and 10 precious writers spaces and you have to cover all comics writers and artists of all-time it gets crowded and men have, traditionally, been more visible and done more work in comics than women. That is for a variety of acceptable and less acceptable reasons. But the point of this poll is not to argue or debate those facts or analyze the why and how of why we got here. The point of this poll is to put a strong focus on the best women working in comics of all time and maybe with increased focus and visibility, one day we don't need to spotlight them in their own poll. That's the ultimate goal.

So, especially for those of you that are going to claim there are not enough women working in comics to fill your ballot...I urge you to click on the She Has No Head post that includes in evolving list of women in comics  (it includes writers artists and colorists, though for the purpose of the poll you should focus on artists and writers, not colorists). The list has well over 1,000 women on it at this time, so if you don't think you can fill 20 spaces...you may need to broaden your comics reading!

Form here - for THE RULES - I will crib from Brian's old text, with a few minor modifications!

Here’s the deal. You kids all vote in the comments section here for the next two weeks - up until 11:59 PM Pacific time, March 16th. Brian will tabulate all the votes and Brian and I will begin a countdown of the winners starting March 21st!

Sound good?

Okay, here are the guidelines!

1. Vote in the comments section below, making sure to include that classic word “ACBC” somewhere in your comment so your vote will be marked invisible.

2. You’re going to be voting for twenty people in total here. Your ten favorite comic book writers AND your ten favorite comic book artists. Vote for TEN each – less than ten writers and ten artists and I don’t count your ballot.

3. Rank your ten favorite comic book writers and artists from #1 (your most favorite) to #10 (your 10th most favorite). I’d prefer it if you actually numbered your entry, #1-10. It’s easier

for me to count. On that note, please also avoid listing them like this “1) 2) 3) 4),” because 8 with a ) after it transforms into a smiley face in the comments section (this one 8) ). Just plain ol’ “1. 2. 3.” works best. Seriously, just copy and paste this handy thing below and fill it out...that way you don't have to worry about anything!

Here’s a template you can use as a guide

. You can just copy and paste it into your comment:





4. Your top choice will be given 10 points, your second choice 9, etc.

5. Make sure to include ACBC in your ballot.

6. This is for writers and artists who worked in the field of comics - and we're including mini-comics, webcomics, etc., since those have been especially important and friendly ways for women to break into comics and for some of our modern day creators (like Kate Beaton, Allie Brosh, Noelle Stevenson) they are MORE famous for their work online than off, though they do both.

7. Vote for ten artists and ten writers. You have to have ten writers and ten artists you like! Less than ten artists and ten writers and I will not count your ballot.

8. I get that it is difficult to rank certain combo creators like (again) Kate Beaton, who both writes and draws, but just try to do your best. If you really like Beaton, for instance, feel free to put her on both lists.

9. Make sure to include ACBC in your ballot.

10. Vote for ten artists and ten writers. Less than ten artists and ten writers and I will not count your ballot.

11. Plotters count as writers. So if you are just a fan of someone's plots, feel free to vote for her as a writer.

12. Teams are a pain in the ass, but I think I’m going to go with you have to split them up unless they have ONLY worked as a team.

13. Make sure to include ACBC in your ballot.

14. I’ll make various other decisions in the interest of fairness.

If you have questions and or requests for clarification, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Remember, please include the following word: ACBC – on your ballot. It will make it so your ballot appears invisible to other readers, so only I can read it (and count your vote secretly).

Most importantly, have fun


Now vote!

Sidenote: I am deleting the few comments that were submitted before this post actually had content, so please submit your comments/questions again now that there is actual content to this post.

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