Vote for the Top 50 Black Comic Writers and Artists of All-Time!

February is Black History Month, so I thought it would be worthwhile to put together a list, voted on by the fans, of who you all believe are the Top 50 Black Comic Writers and Artists of all-time. You will vote up until February 18th, then I'll tally the voted and count down the Top 50 beginning on February 20th, hopefully shedding some worthwhile spotlights on some of the great comic book writers and artists of the past and present. It's always fun to celebrate comic book history.

Read on for the rules...

1. Vote in the comments section below, making sure to include that classic word "ACBC" somewhere in your comment so your vote will be marked invisible.

2. Vote for your TEN favorite black comic writers and your TEN favorite black comic artists. Comic book creators, comic strip creators and webcomic creators are all eligible.

3. Rank your ten writers and your ten artists from #1 (who you think is the best) to #10 (who you think is the tenth best). I'd prefer it if you actually numbered your entry, #1-10. It's easier for me to count. On that note, please also avoid listing them like this "1) 2) 3) 4)," because 8 with a ) after it transforms into a smiley face in the comments section (this one 8) ). Just plain ol' "1. 2. 3." works best. Honestly, just use this template. It's the simplest way of doing things.:





4. Your top choice will be given 10 points, your second choice 9, etc.

5. If you seriously can't fill out 20 names in total, I'll cut you a little slack if you're a bit shy, but at least fill in the majority of the ballot.

6. Now for the most annoying part of the rules. Who counts as "black"? A creator doesn't have to be African-American to be eligible, so Olivier Coipel, for instance, would count. Beyond that, just use your best judgment. If you seriously don't know of any black creators, ComicVine has a small list, but hopefully it jogs your memory a bit.

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