Vote for the 50 Greatest Avengers Stories!

In honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the Avengers, we're doing a poll for the 50 Greatest Avengers Stories this month (next month will be the X-Men's turn)!

The Avengers have had many great stories over the years, from one-shot issues to multi-issue stories to, well, sagas. So here you will be casting your vote for who you feel are the greatest Avengers stories!

You folks all vote in the comments section here up until 11:59 Pacific time, June 18th. I'll tabulate all the votes and I'll begin a countdown of the top 50 beginning June 20th.

Okay, here are the guidelines!

1. Vote in the comments section below, making sure to include that classic word "ACBC" somewhere in your comment so your vote will be marked invisible.


2. Vote for your TEN favorite Avengers stories.

3. Rank your ten stories from #1 (what you think is the greatest story) to #10 (what you think is the 10th greatest). I'd prefer it if you actually numbered your entry, #1-10. It's easier for me to count. On that note, please also avoid listing them like this "1) 2) 3) 4)," because 8 with a ) after it transforms into a smiley face in the comments section (this one 8) ). Just plain ol' "1. 2. 3." works best. Really, just use this template:












4. Your top choice will be given 10 points, your second choice 9, etc.

5. Ultimates stories count, because, well, I counted Ultimate Spider-Man stories so it only seemed fair.


6. Now for the most annoying part of the rules. What is the definition of a particular story? First off, runs are not stories. To wit, you can't pick, say, Avengers #227-287 and call it a story. It is not. Each of those individual issues is a story. Now Avengers #273-277, THAT can count as a single story since it was a clearly distinguished storyline.

7. House of M, Civil War, Secret Invasion, Siege, Fear Itself and Age of Ultron can all count as Avengers stories, but otherwise, make sure any other Avengers crossover actually takes place in an Avengers title (I have decided not to count Infinity Gauntlet or Ultimatum or Infinity War or Secret Wars or Secret Wars II or Contest of Champions or World War Hulk as Avengers stories).


8. Mini-series count as one story. Like Avengers Prime or or Avengers Fairy Tales.

9. Make sure to include ACBC in your ballot.

10. If you have questions and/or requests for clarification, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. If you're unsure of something, probably better to ask BEFORE you vote. You have two weeks to vote, ya know?

11. I'll list notable rulings in this section here as we go along:

A) The first volume of Ultimates is two stories, while the second volume is one.

B) West Coast Avengers counts (but not as one big run, of course).

C) Young Avengers counts (but also not as one big run. You have to pick a specific Young Avengers storyline).

D) JLA/Avengers counts

E) I'll accept "The Proctor Saga" as an entry

Remember, please include the following word: ACBC - on your ballot. It will make it so your ballot appears invisible to other readers, so only I can read it (and count your vote secretly).

Most importantly, have fun!

Now vote! :)

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