Vote "Civil War" for 2006's Best Comic At Spike TV's Scream Awards

Official Press Release

Marvel Comics' huge seven-issue event Civil War is among the nominees for Best Comic Award from Spike TV's Scream Awards and the vote is in your hands. Marvel Comics and Spike TV are asking you to vote online at SpikeTV.com now for the 2006 Scream Awards, celebrating the best in horror, sci-fi, fantasy and comics.

In Civil War, the heroes of the Marvel Universe are divided, fighting amongst themselves in an all out war. The battle between heroes is spilling out onto the pages of nearly every Marvel comic this year while in Civil War the amazing creative team of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven bring fans a gripping tale of secrecy and betrayal within the Marvel Universe.

Click here now and vote for Civil War as this year's Best Comic. Before you click the mouse ask yourself, whose side are you on? Make yours Marvel.

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