Vostok-X Joins Johns' The Others in "Aquaman"

DC Comics' roster roll-out for "Aquaman's" The Others continues with the reveal of cosmonaut Vostok-X. The Others, introduced earlier this week as a super powered team from Aquaman's past to appear in "Aquaman" #7, so far contain the talents of the precognitive Kahina the Seer, the faceless soldier Prisoner-Of-War and the deadly Operative. The official DC Blog reveal of Vostok-X brings the roster to four, with presumably more to come.

"Conceived in a controlled test aboard a Russian space station, the man known as Vostok-X was genetically designed to be the perfect cosmonaut," "Aquaman" writer Geoff Johns told DC. "Heightened endurance, enhanced strength and intelligence and most importantly to the scientists overseeing the project, he was psychologically programmed through intense experimentation to embrace human isolationism. Vostok struggles with making emotional connections with other people."

The design by "Aquaman" artists Ivan Reis and Joe Prado features an intricate mask and a dangerous-looking energy gun. Vostok-X also follows in the footsteps of the Operative and Prisoner-Of-War as the latest revealed character to have no exposed human facial features. "He is equipped with a jetpack that enables him to fly, though not at tremendous speeds, and a helmet that allows its wearer to breathe in any environment," Johns said. "Vostok-X was the tenth attempt at creating the perfect cosmonaut. The others are said not to have survived."

While Johns gave no other information on Vostok-X and his relationship to Aquaman's past, readers will presumably discover more about the team when "Aquaman" #7 hits with a new story arc appropriately entitled "The Others" on March 28.

Stay tuned to CBR News for more developments on "Aquaman" and "The Others."

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