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Voluminous Vertigo Week: Fables #69

by  in Comic News Comment
Voluminous Vertigo Week: Fables #69

DC’s Vertigo line of comics puts out some of the best comics by either Marvel or DC, and this week, a staggering FIVE good Vertigo comic books were released – let’s talk about them – BC.

I honestly thought the last issue was the final part of the Good Prince storyline, and while last issue had a strong, poignant ending, I was still extremely pleased to see the story continue, with an ending that is…well…I should put the adjective after the fold, as I think it would give away the ending a bit…

The ending is, despite the cover shown above, a cute and delightful finale to the storyline. When we last saw Flycatcher (or, rather, King Ambrose of the magical land of Haven), he was heading off to sacrifice himself facing off against the Adversary’s Legion of Wooden Soldiers. It was a sad scene, as Fly seemed to be heading into certain death. Only, well, that’s not exactly what happened.

Instead, what happened was a cute (albeit a bit of a deus ex machina) conclusion to the military storyline of the Adversary’s battle with Haven, and then the rest of the issue was essentially putting things into order.

The character interactions, always a strong suit of writer Bill Willingham, were impressive, as we got to see Fly/Ambrose have interesting dealings with all the various characters who have followed him on his journey to establish Haven. Meanwhile, Boy Blue and Red Riding Hood also played big roles in the story, as Red decided to pursue her desire for Fly/Ambrose, and Blue (who, if you recall, was in love with someone who was impersonating Red Riding Hood, so still has some heavy duty feelings for Red, even if she is not technically the Red he fell in love with) has to deal with her feelings.

Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha (with assists by Andrew Pepoy) do a strong job on the art as well, in particular a scene where Fly/Ambrose has a quick vision of how life would go down if he had a slightly…different outlook on life (say, a more Adversarial position?). They also do such a great job on facial reactions, particularly when two (or more) characters are speaking/interacting with each other – it brings such life to their interactions.

All of this, and the story of the upcoming war between the Fables and the Adversary’s armies continues on apace – Fables is a steady delivery of strong stories, and there are no signs that Willingham is slowing down at all.


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