Voltron vol. 1: The Sixth Pilot TPB

Story by
Art by
Ariel Padilla
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

The Secret Origin of King Zarkon! For years, the Voltron Force and their five robot lions have been the only things standing between Zarkon and total domination over the good planets of the solar system. The young Space Explorers have pushed his brutal regime to the edges of the galaxy, and their ultimate victory has never been closer than it is now. But Zarkon knows something---a secret about the creation of Voltron and the true identities of its first pilots, that will change everything they thought they once knew. A story spanning over a hundred years, The Sixth Pilot takes everything you know and love about Voltron and redefines it with widescreen action and shocking revelations at every turn. ACTIVATE INTERLOCKS!


• Issues 1-6 of the hit series by Brandon Thomas andAriel Padilla

• All issue covers by Alex Ross, Sean Chen and more

• Writer's commentary for issues 1 and 2 by series writer Brandon Thomas

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