Voltron, Spider-Man 2, Batman, more: Comic Reel Wrap for December 4th


Toonzone reports that with the Devil's Due series on stands and new toys on shelves, it's time to get lionized all over again. Both Wizard's Anime Insider and TVShowsonDVD.com have confirmation of the production proceeding apace.


The press is all agog about the web-spinning sequel. The National Post talks about the expected amount of filthy lucre analysts believe the movie will drive into Marvel's coffers (with Stan paying close attention for his share, we'd presume). The official site has been updated with new watchable weblogs and set photos. FInally, Peter Parker is being given some of the credit for Amy Pascal, co chairman of Sony Pictures, being named Hollywood's most powerful woman in a story that Reuters is handling.


If dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight becomes a bore, you could do what Jack Nicholson likes to do. The possibly psychotic actor told Esquire that his role as The Joker is his one of his favorite cinematic moments, "A piece of pop art." Gentlemen! Let's broaden our minds! Lawrence ...


A new website has been launched for the soundtrack to the Thomas Jane-starring blockbuster, featuring a lead track by Edgewater.


Yes. Alan Moore created John Constantine, with Steve Bissette, John Totleben and Rick Veitch, "Swamp Thing" #37. Woops, mea culpa, Keanu was right and I naturally believed he had to have been wrong. Thanks to Jonathan Miller, "Geoffrey" and Vertical from 963wdvd.com for the correction. No more pudding paw pie for me before bedtime ...


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