Voltron Creatives Confirm Key Character Is Gay

we now have confirmation that the leader of voltron's paladins, shiro, is indeed gay. the news emerges from comic-con international in san diego following the netflix series' panel for voltron: legendary defender.

in debuting the season 7 trailer, fans saw shiro in a sentimental moment with who we now know was his boyfriend, adam, as they went through the motions as part of earth's garrison (the military unit against cosmic threats).

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“he’s not married yet,” lauren montgomery, executive producer, explained to the audience. "but that was the road they were going down until shiro made the unfortunate decision [to leave], and they drifted apart and that was the end … for their relationship. it was definitely something, that beautiful relationship that had developed over years.”

“you’ll see in that little case with the trophies is a picture of shiro and adam," she added when mentioning upcoming episodes. "they had been flight partners.”

it seems the upcoming season will address this broken-off relationship as shiro and team voltron come back to earth, not just to find plans on how to rebuild their castle, but also to defend it once more from the galra empire. shiro's voice actor, josh keaton, also tweeted out how great it felt for the creative team to finally reveal the truth about the black paladin.

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following season 7, which starts august 10, the show will air for an eighth and final season before the series comes to an end later this year.

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