Voltron Season 7 Trailer Drops; Season 8 Is Series' Last

It's been confirmed that Voltron: Legendary Defender will end after eight seasons later this year. The news comes with the release of the Season 7 trailer which pits the team against obstacles they've never faced before in the wake of the fallen Galra Empire.

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The beloved '80s franchise was rebooted for Netflix in 2016 and has run for 52 episodes so far. The remaining two seasons will boast 13 episodes each as executive producers Lauren Montgomery, Joaquim Dos Santos and Co. look to close out the story of the five Paladins from Earth protecting the galaxy.

As for Season 7, set to premiere August 10, the trailer focused on the pilots returning home to try to save it from Sendak and the remaining terrorists of the Galra Empire. It seems they'll be in more danger than ever, unable to form Voltron, but also because their homeworld is now under invasion from those who were loyal to Emperor Zarkon, the antagonist over the first five seasons.

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Season 6 ended with Zarkon's son, Prince Lotor, defeated but at a costly price as the Paladins lost the Lion's Castle, their base which forced them to return to Earth. Now, we have confirmation it's going to be a much darker reunion with the ones they love as they'll have to defend the planet as opposed to just visit it for plans on rebuilding their cosmic castle, as originally intended.

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