Voltron: 5 Things We Want to See in Season 6

Netflix's Voltron: Legendary Defender has moved from strength to strength since debuting in 2016. The series has successfully reimagined the classic '80s tale of five human Paladins piloting alien technology in the shape of military Lions to form Voltron, a gigantic robot that liberates enslaved planets from the clutches of Emperor Zarkon and the Galra Empire.

Last season provided several new developments, including Zarkon re-emerging from a coma, the evil witch Haggard seemingly running out of ideas on how to stop Voltron, and Prince Lotor taken prisoner by Team Voltron as he tried to defect to the heroes' side. And while Season 5 clocks in at just six episodes, it builds on all of this, and actually changes the entire complexion of the show, truly leaving the fate of the galaxy up for grabs. As a result, here's what we'd like to see when Season 6 premieres in June.


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Less Bloodline Drama

Legendary Defender is going overboard on making lineage a main plot driver and we need less of this. Sure, there have been key revelations in the past -- the family trifecta of Zarkon, Haggard and their son, Lotor; Pidge fighting an assassin who turns out to be her long-lost brother Matt; and Princess Allura's birthright, not just as King Alfor's daughter, but as Voltron's guardian -- but this season feels like the tropes of legacy and bloodlines are being played up for shock value.

Too many arcs feel forced such as Allura visiting her ancestral plane to learn Altean alchemy/magic, and Keith rescuing a Galra operative who reveals herself as his mother, Krolia. Hopefully, Season 6 dials back on these reveals or at least does them more organically, which would help characters forge their own identities instead of being bogged down by the past.


A Lot More Star-Trekking

Team Voltron's space explorations have been fun but pretty basic. They search for subjugated planets, free them and induct them into the Coaliton (a la Star Trek's United Federation of Planets). Still, the Paladins never really went star-trekking as Legendary Defender was crafted as a more Star Wars-esque story, with the pilots sticking close to the core of Zarkon's Empire, while focusing on learning about themselves and their Lions.

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Season 5, however, provides fans with a bigger scope of the cosmos. Team Voltron roams more across new frontiers, and even enters a white hole as part of an expedition to find the mystical Altean world of Oriande. We also see the Galra armies split all across the galaxy in disarray, reiterating how vast the fringes of space can be. We'd love to see more of this in Season 6, with heroes and villains boldly going where they never went before, so as to really show the audience the wonders and mysteries of outer space.


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