Voltron: Legendary Defender's Biggest Moments From Season 7

The following contains spoilers for Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 7, on Netflix now.

Voltron: Legendary Defender has been quite a journey in its seven seasons so far. Not only did it stay loyal to the essence of the old cartoons, it tweaked things appropriately to engage a modern audience and in so doing, it grew to be something Netflix could tout as its own version of Star Wars.

At the end of Season 6, there were dire consequences with Lotor revealing himself to be the true villain of the story. As expected, the Paladins stood in his way, emerging on top and charting a course home to Earth. However, with the evil Galra Empire still intent on ruling the cosmos, let's look back at the biggest moments from Season 7.

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7. Earth Becomes The Coalition's HQ

Over the course of this series, Team Voltron has been about saving the galaxy from the oppression. As they liberated planets, they unified them under a single banner: the Coalition. Season 7 brings this full-circle with the finale "Lions' Pride" revolving around the Paladins ridding Earth of the Galra threat and leading the transition of its Garrison into the headquarters for the Coalition.

Earth becomes the most technologically advanced planet, with several alien species now working with mankind to ensure something like the Galra regime never occurs again. The planet has also become a hub for trade, with aliens taking asylum too, a dream come true for the Paladins.

6. Love Blooms... Finally

Throughout this show, Lance (the Blue Paladin) has been the comic relief. Not only was he a bumbling pilot, he constantly chased after women only to get shut down. He matured as the seasons progressed, eventually becoming the pilot for the Red Lion. It was a clear sign he was changing, which his main crush, Allura, recognized.

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We finally get confirmation she has feelings for him just before he heads into battle. She begs him to be safe, acknowledging the selfless hero he has become, someone especially willing to sacrifice himself for the Altean princess. Allura is smitten because she now sees he is indeed genuine and someone she could fall in love with.

5. The Blade of Marmora Goes Extinct

In Episode 5, "The Ruins," Team Voltron, while trying to return to Earth, encounter an S.O.S. from a mysterious planet. They realize it's that of the Blade of Marmora, the secret sect that's helping them fight off the Galra forces. When they get there though, it turns out to be a trap set up by one of Haggar's druids, Macidus.

He's luring the Blade members there and killing them as trophies. The sorcerer reveals the Blade's now actually on the brink of extinction, just before Keith and Co. manage to stop him. They end up finding Keith's former mentor Kolivan barely alive, but Macidus' moment in the spotlight is huge because no one ever expected the galaxy's most lethal warriors to be preyed upon so easily.

4. Voltron Levels Up

Bit by bit, the Paladins have unlocked weapons for themselves, courtesy of their bayards (which are basically keys for their Lions). Last season we saw Voltron upgrade its sword and blasters too as the pilots became one with the robot. Come the season finale, Voltron levels up yet again.

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Fighting a samurai-esque mech warrior, Voltron finds this mysterious machine absorbing its Quintessence aka its energy, leaving it for dead. However, just when it's about to destroy Earth's army to taunt Voltron, the giant bot upgrades with two new energy-based swords, as opposed to its signature long-sword. This power-up allows Voltron to emit blasts, move swifter and impale its enemy to save the day.

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