Voltron: Legendary Defender's 6 Biggest Moments From Season 6

From the start, Voltron: Legendary Defender has been one of the best nostalgic updates in the realm of animation. It's successfully captured the essence of the old cartoons from the '80s and '90s, and the recently aired season certainly has the show living up to the billing of being Netflix's very own version of Star Wars.

With the current storyline being so heavily steeped in revelations and resolutions, finally stitching together a number of plot threads laid down when the series debuted, one would think the narrative would have a sense of closure. However, while that's partially the case, there's still a lot of unfinished business tied to the past for the titular robot and its five Paladins.

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That said, as Netflix gears up to chart a way forward and continue to evolve the show, here's a look at the biggest moments from the high-octane Season 6.

6. Lotor Breaks Bad

In Season 5, fans were shocked to see Lotor actually betraying his father, Emperor Zarkon, and becoming an ally to Team Voltron. No one trusted him but when he killed his father and also turned on his mother, the evil witch Haggar, the Paladins and the Altean Princess Allura were convinced. He claimed he wanted to unite the Galra Empire and bring peace to the universe, undoing the tyranny of his dad.

Well, that turned out to be a lie. This season, we find out Lotor was merely using Voltron's Paladins, and more so, Allura, to harvest the mystical energy known as Quintessence. Allura's alchemy and overall knowledge of Altean magic gained from the Oriande last season allowed him passage to the Quintessence Field, where he could access raw, unlimited power, thus moving a step closer to galactic dictatorship.

His ruse was revealed when the former Red Paladin, Keith, found out Lotor was storing refugee Alteans and harnessing the Quintessence from their very bodies in a concentration camp; thus giving us the most sadistic version of the villain ever seen.

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