Voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, Trashes Trump, Backs Hillary

The voice of Batman for an entire generation, “Batman: The Animated Series” actor Kevin Conroy fought to save Gotham City from the clutches of wrong-doers at 24 frames a second. Now, he’s taking on what he perceives as evil in the real world, delivering a blistering assault on Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In a video posted to Facebook, Conroy starts by saying that he never wanted to make any political statements on his websites in the past because he wanted all his “fans to feel welcome” and because he was afraid of “alienating some people.” He then goes on to say that “there is so much at stake in this election... we all have to take a stand.”

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The voice of the Dark Knight says that there’s “dark force that’s been introduced to our political system” and that “it’s really frightening to see what’s going on.” Conroy then calls for balance -- a strong Democratic party, for its social responsibility, and a strong Republican Party, for its fiscal restraint -- before launching an attack that paints Trump as a supervillain.

Conroy describes Trump in terms that echo the Caped Crusader’s arch-nemesis, the Joker: “The Republican Party has been high jacked by a xenophobic, narcissistic clown, whose only interested in himself,” says the voice actor, “He’s only interested in his own self-aggrandizement.”

Channeling Bruce Wayne, Conroy then offers an assessment of Trump’s financial acumen: “He’s been just amassing fortunes by creating bankruptcies where everyone else gets screwed and he gets away with money.”

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Conroy goes on to further trounce Trump, who got multiple deferments during the Vietnam War, for his attacks on Senator John McCain -- a former prisoner of war who Conroy calls an American hero -- and on the Khan family, speakers form the Democratic convention whose only son was killed in Iraq.

“Who is he?” the exasperated Conroy asks. “And would you consider him as our President?... When he was playing in the fields of his prep school, Hillary was slogging away in law school.”

The voice of the World's Greatest Detective champions her work as a do-gooder: “Her first law when she came out of law was was working for the Children’s Defense Fund; working for the legal rights of underprivileged children.

“She spent her whole life working for you and me,” says the actor, “I know she’s not perfect… but she’s got your back”

He ends with a strong endorsement for the Democratic candidate. "Please use your head when you go into the voting booth, and vote for Hillary Clinton."

Unfortunately, despite his attempts to not alienate any viewers, Conroy may have upset Greek fans by bolstering his defense of the Republican Party's fiscal policies by scapegoating Greece as a “financial ditch."

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