Vodka's Very Important Role In Jeremy Renner's Spawn Casting

A few Grey Goose vodka cocktails and a chat with Jamie Foxx may have been all Jeremy Renner needed to accept a leading role in Spawn.

Renner recently sat down with Foxx for OFF SCRIPT, a web series produced by Grey Goose, in which Foxx has conversations with top talent in film. Since its launch, Foxx has hosted interviews with Black Panther's Chadwick Boseman, and other celebrities like Vince Vaughn and Melissa McCarthy. When Spawn creator Todd McFarlane saw that Foxx and Renner were on the show together, he was taken aback -- Foxx had already been cast as Spawn, and McFarlane was in talks with Renner about the role of Detective Maximillian Steven Percival "Twitch" Williams III.

"Yeah! Well here, I'll tell you a funny story," he told ScreenRant. "I had gone up to Mr. Renner's house to go talk to him about the character to see, you know, basically try to do the sell. I think that was a Thursday. So by the time I did some other things... I flew back to Phoenix, I wake up Friday morning. And Jamie does these interviews with Grey Goose, I don't know if you've seen any of them."

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Renner was officially cast as Twitch earlier this month, but at the time of the OFF SCRIPT episode, neither Renner or Foxx knew the full scope of McFarlane's plans.

"Yeah, I didn't know they were going to be talking! They didn't know I was talking-- he didn't know I was talking, I didn't know he was talking," he said. "Again, I don't know when they recorded it either you know, they could've recorded it two months [earlier], I don't know. But I go, 'Oh, they at least know each other in some capacity.' So I text Jamie and go 'Hey Jamie, we're all trying to nudge the Renner team here, if you could chime in a little bit...' So he helped too. They looked good together."

So did a chance interview with Jamie Foxx, some vodka and a coincidentally timed casting call from McFarlane lead to Renner taking the role? It's looking likely.

You can watch the full OFF SCRIPT episode with Foxx and Renner below.

Introduced in 1992 by McFarlane, Spawn was wildly popular throughout much of the decade, inspiring spinoff comic books, a live-action 1997 movie and an HBO animated series. McFarlane has kept fans updated on the film’s development, discussing inspirations, thoughts on casting and plans for a new animated series. The project began casting in January.

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