Viz Solicitations for product shipping August, 2002

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - May 15, 2002 - Viz Communications, Inc. today announced

its August graphic novel titles. Part of the extensive Viz Comics line, the

following titles are the next installments in their respective, continuing

series and feature black-and-white art for prices ranging from $5.95 to

$15.95 U.S.

MAGICAL POKéMON JOURNEY, VOLUME 6: Gold & Silver - Eevee has a major crush

on another Eevee, but the target of its affection is way too shy to

introduce itself. Can Hazel and Coconut help love bloom between the two

Eevee? Then, Ditto is good at mimicking Pokémon, but can it do a human?

Plus, Hazel finds an egg floating down the river and takes it upon herself

to care for it. Will this egg hatch or become breakfast for the Pokémon?

Story & Art by Yumi Tsukirino

168 pages

$13.95 USA/$22.95 CAN

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0079, VOLUME 6 - While the White Base is docked in

Belfast for repair and resupply, Char launches an attack from the sea! Then,

White Base heads across the Atlantic to the Federation's South American

headquarters located at Jaburo to deliver the Gundam and its battle data.

Little does the crew know that Char has no intention of letting the

Federation have its Gundam back in one piece, and now the battle for Jaburo

has begun!

Story & Art by Kazuhisa Kondo

192 pages

$9.95 USA/$16.50 CAN

POKéMON ADVENTURES, Adventure 6: The Cave Campaign - To battle the

incredible strength of the Elite Four, crusading gym leaders Green, Blue,

and Bill must team up with their old archenemies in Team Rocket if they hope

to stand a chance! See the best of the best in the Pokémon world clash in

one titanic battle!

Story by Hidenori Kusaka, Art by MATO

192 pages

$13.95 USA/$22.95 CAN

SILENT MÖBIUS, VOLUME 8: Advent - It has been a full year since Roy's death

and the A.M.P. each receive an e-mail from a woman claiming to be Katsumi.

Everyone is suspicious when she proposes meeting in a junkyard and their old

friend's appearance only confirms that Katsumi has become corrupted by

Nemesis! Now, the A.M.P. must develop strategies against an enemy that knows

them better than they know themselves!

Story & Art by Kia Asamiya

192 pages

$15.95 USA/$26.50 CAN

X/1999, VOLUME 8: Crescendo - Three mysterious men arrive at Fuma and Kotori's house and announce themselves as the directors of CLAMP Academy, a school

designed for the express purpose of protecting the second sacred sword until

"The Day To Come." After arriving, Kamui watches a final message left by his

aunt imploring him to choose his own destiny in the battle ahead. Will Kamui

choose to protect the present as a Dragon of Heaven or will he vie for

change as a Dragon of Earth?

Story & Art by CLAMP

192 pages

$15.95 USA/$26.50 CAN

ZOIDS: CHAOTIC CENTURY, VOLUME 7 - The battle is set and the pieces are in

place for the final showdown between Van and Raven over the secrets of the

port town and the fate of the rare ZOID Wendeen. Then, Van, Zeke, and Fiona

get Moonbay, Irvine, and Rebecca to accompany them on a long trip over the

ocean to the capital city of the Republic. But before their giant,

turtle-like ZOID, Kracken, can carry them there, they are confronted with a

pint-sized know-it-all by the name of Melissa Su, and an underwater

minefield that a Kracken can't possibly avoid! Can Van, Zeke, and the Shield

Liger Caesar find a solution?

Story & Art by Michiro Ueyama

80 pages

$5.95 USA/$9.95 CAN

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