Viz solicitations for graphic novels shipping July, 2002

Official Press Release

BAKUNE YOUNG, VOLUME 3 - Creator Toyokazu Matsunaga's English-language

debut, Bakune Young is a savage satire of ultra-violence, drawn with intense

detail, black humor and special effects. Now karmic retribution has fallen

upon Bakune; lying comatose in a hospital bed after the hostage massacre, he

seeks redemption--or at least someone to change his diaper. Meanwhile, the

psychic/psychotic daughter of the leader of the Yakuza, Mistress Renge,

plots to single-handedly invade and take over an American aircraft carrier,

in a megalomaniacal bid to start a war between the U.S. and Japan. Can the

disembodied mind(lessness) of Bakune stop her?

BASTARD!! VOLUME 1 - Based on the retouched Bastard!! Perfect Edition,

recently released in Japan, rather than the original, older graphic novels,

Bastard!! has been cult hit in American fandom for years and now the famous

manga finally comes to America in graphic novel format--with a

never-before-translated afterword by Hagiwara. The kingdom of Metallicana is

under attack, besieged by the dark forces of four evil armies sweeping the

world. As orcs and giants besiege their citadel, the desperate defenders

turn to a legend that a virgin's kiss may awaken "Dark Schneider," an

ancient evil wizard sealed within the body of Lucien, a seemingly normal

14-year-old boy. Yoko, Lucien's teenage stepsister, does the deed and as the

castle falls, Lucien metamorphoses into a silver-haired demigod! Dark

Schneider, the chaotic, lecherous wizard, has returned, only barely

restrained by the magic that forces him to obey Yoko. But a world of demons,

dragons, and the four evil generals awaits him...and bloodstained

Metallicana may never know peace again.

DRAGON BALL Z, VOLUME 9 - Goku and Captain Ginyu--trapped in each other's

bodies due to Ginyu's mind-swapping powers--fight it out to the end!

Meanwhile, Kuririn and Gohan use the Dragon Balls to summon the true Eternal

Dragon and wish Piccolo back to life, but the evil emperor Freeza has

discovered how they tricked him to get the Dragon Balls and rushes across

the planet to punish the fools who stole HIS wish! Together, Kuririn, Gohan

and Vegeta--and Piccolo??!--must fight Freeza, the deadliest fighter in the


GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN, NO. 2 - The graphic novel premier of famed Gundam

character designer Yoshikazu Yasuhiko's unique take on the original Gundam

saga! The Federation carrier White Base departs Side 7 with the Gundam,

Amuro, and a group of unruly refugees aboard. Charged with the task of

getting the Gundam to Earth, can the White Base and its skeleton crew of

inexperienced civilians outwit Zeon ace pilot Commander Char Aznable?

MEDABOTS, VOLUME 1: A BOY AND HIS BOT - The series' first English-language

graphic novel! From backyards to playgrounds to stadiums: kids and their pet

robots called Medabots compete against each other in Robattles, hoping to

ultimately earn the title of World Robattle Champion. Medabots are robots

armed with an A.I. and an impressive collection of weaponry ready to

Robattle and win! In fact, the more a Medabot battles, the more powerful it

can become...and the more it stands to lose. Medabots that lose a battle

yield some of their Medaparts to the winner, so every battle counts!

Currently airing on the Fox Kids network and available as toys from Hasbro,

Medabots has experienced increasing popularity since its debut.

RANMA 1/2, VOLUME 20 - Genma receives a letter in the mail one day from none

other than Ranma's mother…and she's coming to visit! In a state of panic,

Genma tries to flee with Ranma in tow, only to be stopped by Soun. Why is

Genma so terrified of his former wife? Maybe it's because he promised her

that Ranma would grow up to be the manliest of men or face seppuku (ritual


REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA, VOLUME 2: TO PLANT - Jealous of Utena's abilities,

Juri faces off against her supposed rival in another bizarre duel. But

against Juri's superior skill, it will take a miracle for Utena to beat her.

Then, Utena has become good friends with Miki, another member of the

mysterious student council. But due to the manipulations of the enigmatic

entity known as World's End, Miki chooses to challenge Utena to a duel

despite their friendship! The amazing manga predecessor to the hit animated

series, Revolutionary Girl Utena is one of the most successful combinations

of rare talent in manga history with veteran shôjo artist Chiho Saito and

story by artist group BE-PAPAS.

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