Viz re-introduces American audiences to Osamu Tezuka

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Osamu Tezuka...is pretty much the trunk all those branches and leaves originally stem from. I think he may still be my favorite comics artist of all time.

--Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics

San Francisco, CA (8/10/01) - Viz proudly reintroduces two works by the most important manga artist of them all, Osamu Tezuka - Adolf (5 vols.) and Black Jack (2 vols.).

Long regarded in his native Japan as a cultural icon and the single artist most reponsible for the creation of Japan's vast anime and manga culture, Tezuka is enjoying a rapidly growing reputation in the West as one of the world's greatest comics creators. That reputation will take a great leap forward this November 9 when Sony Pictures Entertainment releases in US theaters the eagerly anticipated anime film Metropolis, based on Tezuka's comic of the same name, with a screenplay by famed Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo.

In acknowledgement of this latest Tezuka renaissance, Viz is reintroducing Tezuka's critically acclaimed WWII epic Adolf and his brilliantly executed dark adventure series, Black Jack, featuring one of the most unlikely superheroes of them all--Black Jack, outlaw surgeon. These important works, while only representing a fraction of the prolific Tezuka's output, are an essential component of any serious comics collection.

Adolf is published by Viz imprint Cadence Books, Inc. and is available in 5 separate volumes, respectively subtitled A Tale of the Twentieth Century, An Exile in Japan, The Half-Aryan, Days of Infamy, and 1945 and All That Remains. The Black Jack series is available in 2 volumes, respectively titled Black Jack and Black Jack: Two Fisted Surgeon. Each volume of Adolf runs 238 to 278 pages, is in black and white, and retails for $16.95 US/$24.25 Canada. Each volume of Black Jack runs 184 to 200 pages, is in black and white, and retails for $15.95 US/$23.95 Canada.

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