Viz clarifies international sales policy

Press Release

To Our Loyal Fans And Customers:

While Viz is an integral part in acquiring, translating, and distributing Japanese manga and anime titles to English-speaking audiences, our current agreements with Japanese publishers limit our distribution to North America only - legally this means that Viz and its distributors cannot sell its merchandise overseas. To honor and maintain our licensing contracts, we are unable to distribute our titles worldwide and must limit our distribution to North America, at this time.

We realize the disappointment this causes, but hope customers and fans

understand that in order to continue bringing Japanese storylines to

English-speaking audiences, Viz needs to remain loyal to its contracts to ensure that it retains them. Adherence to the conditions outlined in our contracts guarantees that we can continue with our current titles and acquire new ones in the future.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please understand that we are doing all we can to bring our love of manga and anime to the world, and are currently pursuing worldwide distribution rights for our titles. Until these rights are secured, we hope you know how much we value you-our loyal customers and fans-and appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.


Viz Communications, Inc.

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