Viz book 'Inu-Yasha' recognized as number on graphic novel sold in the U.S.

Official Press Release

January 29, 2003 (San Francisco, CA) - VIZ, LLC, the leading NorthAmerican publisher of Japanese comics (manga) and anime for English speakingaudiences, was pleased to learn that INU-YASHA VOLUME 1 was identified byNielsen BookScan as the number one graphic novel sold in the US. NielsenBookScan is the top international sales data monitoring and analysis servicefor the book industry worldwide. INU-YASHA VOLUME 1 was number-one duringthe holiday rush ending December 29, 2002.

"This is great news for VZ and it shows just how popular mangagraphic novels are in the US," said Rick Bauer, senior vice president ofsales and marketing for VIZ, LLC. "INU-YASHA VOLUME 1 is currently a big hitin Japan along with its own anime series and is proving to be just aspopular here with its novels."

InuYasha's anime series launched in September 2002 on Cartoon Network'sAdult Swim and is now the highest rated show in the network's late nightprogramming. The show originally aired one night a week, but its popularityresulted in InuYasha now being broadcast five nights a week, Sunday throughThursday at 12:30 a.m., effective January 12.

VIZ plans to relaunch INU-YASHA in April in a smaller format and ata lesser price of $8.95, from the original $15.95 suggested retail price.In March, Musicland will feature a month-long promotion of the InuYasha DVD,the INU-YASHA graphic novel, and an exclusive InuYasha cover on AnimericaMagazine.

Graphic Novel Information:

INU-YASHA VOLUME 1 is one of 12 volumes translated from Japanese to Englishby VIZ, LLC. The story is about a Japanese high school student named Kagomewho is transported back in time during the feudal era. She accidentallyreleases a legendary dog-like half-demon named Inu-Yasha imprisoned forstealing the magical "Jewel of Four Souls." Inu-Yasha is forced to helpKagome reclaim the jewel before monsters use it to do harm to others. Thestory has interesting twists and follows the adventures of Inu-Yasha andKagome.


Rumiko Takahashi is the world's most popular female comic artist, with over100 million copies of her work sold. Her novels have been turned into threelong-running anime TV series and over eight animated movies, almost all ofwhich are available in the US.


12 volumes available - $15.95 US/$26.50 CAN


Founded in 1986, VIZ, LLC publishes over 20 titles every month includingHamtaro, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Ranma ½, Pokemon, SHONEN JUMP, Gundam andINU-YASHA. VIZ also offers an integrated product line of consumerentertainment that includes magazines, comics, graphic novels, videos, DVDsand audio soundtracks. Based in San Francisco, VIZ, LLC is one of the topfive comics publishers in the U.S. and is a subsidiary of Shogakukan andShueisha Inc., two of the top publishers in Japan. With some of the mostinnovative products in the industry, VIZ has expanded its offerings to itsloyal fans through web sites such as www.animerica-mag.com, www.j-pop.com andits corporate site, www.viz.com.

Nielsen BookScan:

The company, founded in 1995, is the top international sales datamonitoring and analysis service for the book industry worldwide. It collectstotal transactional data at the point of sale directly from tills anddispatch systems of all the major book retailers. Nielsen BookScan is theworld's first continuous retail sales monitoring service for books thatcollects over 140,000 different titles representing over 6,000 retailers. Itidentifies on a weekly basis the top selling books in the world.

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