Viz announces 'Vagabond, Volume 1' for March release

Official Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Viz Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce the graphic novel debut of Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, Japan's

most-popular and best-selling artist to date. Critically-acclaimed since

its comic release in December 2001, Vagabond is described as "a must for

fans"** and Inoue's work "has its own unique look and feel that

distinctively separates it from the pack...this is the author's best work to

date."*** Vagabond, Volume 1 features 248 black-and-white pages in its

original unflopped (reads from the Japanese traditional right to left)

format for $12.95 U.S. ($20.95 Canada).

"I was entranced within pages of reading Vagabond; Inoue's adaptation of

Yoshikawa's Musashi pulls you right into the story and doesn't let you go."

-Greg McElhatton, iComics.com

Adapted from Eiji Yoshikawa's hugely popular fictionalized biography

Musashi, and depicting the life and times of real-life "sword saint"

Miyamoto Musashi, Vagabond takes place in Tokugawa Era Japan, where a new

government has taken power and the land is in disarray. Amidst the turmoil,

Takezo, a young ronin, sets out on a journey throughout Japan seeking out

opponents both strong and skilled, prepared to slay anyone who might get in

his way. His hunger for battle turns into a spiritual journey towards

perfect mental and physical skill with the eccentric Zen monk, Takuan, as

his guide and Takezo soon evolves into Miyamoto Mushashi-one of the greatest

swordsman ever to walk the Earth.

"Inoue is obviously a skilled storyteller, and [the] first two issues only

make me want more. That's definitely something American comics could learn


-Troy Brownfield, ShotgunReviews.com

Author and artist Takehiko Inoue was born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1967.

His first major success-the hugely popular 31-volume long basketball manga

Slam Dunk-sold over 100 million copies worldwide and catapulted him into the

top ranks of Japanese manga artists. Since its release, every tankoban

(Japanese graphic novel) of Vagabond has been on the top ten best seller's

lists in Japan with over 2 million volumes in print. Inoue received the

2000 Media Arts award for manga from the Japanese Ministry of Culture and

the Kodansha award for best manga for his work on Vagabond. Inoue has also

received the prestigious Tezuka award for his previous work. Besides manga,

Inoue also worked on character design for the Playstation basketball game

One on One.

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