Viz announces release of Eagle, Book 4

Official Press Release

San Francisco, CA -- Is America ready for their first Asian-American president? Viz Comics proudly present the latest compilation of Kaiji Kawaguchi's groundbreaking political manga Eagle: The Making of an Asian America President, Book 4!

Nominated for four Eisner Awards -- more than any manga in American history! Eagle is the story of Kenneth Yamaoka, an ambitious third-generation Japanese-American U.S. Senator who intends to win the presidency of the United States. The Senator has summoned a young Japanese journalist, Takashi Jo, to Washington to cover his campaign. But Takashi soon discovers that he cannot be an impartial observer--he's Yamaoka's son out of wedlock!

In This Volume: When Cuban immigrant Maria Estefano steps forward with allegations of an affair with Senator Yamaoka, will his campaign lose all of its steam? Then, all the cards are on the table. The Democratic National Convention is in full swing, the presidential nomination is in the air, and now is the true test of whether or not Yamaoka and his staff have succeeded in their goal of winning over the hearts and minds of the nation. With the support of Mayor Blackburn and the First Lady, Yamaoka will certainly give Vice President Albert Noah a run for his money--but will it be enough? Plus, the Republicans' nominee, General Grant, shows himself; Yamaoka angers his military coffers; and Seattle erupts into scandal!

Intelligently written, exciting, critically acclaimed, Eagle presents a present-day vision of America as seen through the eyes of one of Japan's most politically aware manga artists: Kaiji Kawaguchi, the creator of the Cold War drama Silent Service, whom the Los Angeles Times compared to a Japanese version of Tom Clancy. With a contemporary story and relevant characters, Eagle combines an insider's attention to detail with a fascinating outsider perspective on American politics.

Eagle, Book 4 is written and drawn by Kaiji Kawaguchi. It is 512 pages long and retails for $22.95 USA/$36.95 Canada. This graphic novel is 4 of a 5-volume series.

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