VIZ Announces Anime Releases for First Quarter 2005

Official Press Release

San Francisco, CA, December 15, 2004 – VIZ, LLC, one of the leading publishers and distributors of manga and anime for North American audiences, has announced several new anime titles set for release in the First Quarter of 2005. These releases will include the latest DVD and home video installments of popular action titles like INUYASHA and FLAME OF RECCA, kid favorites like POKéMON and MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR and the latest volumes in the shôjo series, BOYS OVER FLOWERS.

VIZ anime action titles are favorites with fans and the following are all rated "T" for teens. INUYASHA is one of the most popular and successful titles selling more than one million DVDs to-date in North America. The first INUYASHA feature film, INUYASHA: AFFECTIONS TOUCHING ACROSS TIME, was recently released on DVD by VIZ.

INUYASHA Volume 26, Curse of Generations and Volume 27, Brothers in Arms

Available on DVD February 2005 ($24.98 each MSRP)

Each feature the latest episode from the hit anime series about everyone's favorite half-demon dog boy and his evil-battling sidekicks that currently airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Graphic novels and full color Ani-Mangas also available from VIZ.

FLAME OF RECCA Volume 2, Secrets of the Hokage

Available on DVD January 2005 ($24.98 each MSRP)

The story of Recca Hanabishi, an average teenager with the not so average goal to become a ninja. He also has a special power – the ability to produce and control fire. But power like that doesn't come neatly wrapped in a gift box. The hotheaded teenager must first prove he is mature enough to handle such an awesome responsibility. Graphic novels also available from VIZ.

PROJECT ARMS 2ND CHAPTER Volume 3, Survival of the Fittest

Available on DVD January 2005 ($24.98 MSRP)

Volume 4, A Soldier's Pride Volume 4

Available on DVD March 2005 ($24.98 MSRP)

Ryo Takatsuki is a typical Japanese high school student, whose seemingly nondescript way of life starts to unravel with the arrival of Hayato Shingu and Takeshi Tomoe, two new transfer students with a history of disciplinary problems. An unexpected chain of events that follows will change Ryo's life and those of his childhood friend Katsumi, the brash Hayato and the enigmatic Takeshi, who all may yet turn out to be friends or foes. With his new found comrades, Ryo sets out to discover the secret of the mysterious A.R.M.S., which will reveal an unexpected destiny for each of them.

For children, VIZ also offers several titles that parents can select with confidence. The following selections are rated "A" as appropriate for all ages. POKéMON currently airs on Kids' WB and is one of the most successful children's' properties today, selling more than 25 million DVDs and videos to-date. MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR also airs on Kid's WB and has just been renewed for a third season, beginning in the spring of 2005.

POKéMON ADVANCED Volume 7, Abandon Ship and Volume 8, Jump for Joy

Available on DVD January 2005 ($14.98 MSRP) and VHS ($9.98 MSRP)

The final exciting episodes of one of the hottest and most enduring kid's properties today. Ash and Pikachu explore new lands and discover new Pokémon in these brand new releases. The DVDs will also include a bonus disk with exclusive footage from the Pokémon World Trading Card Championships in Orlando, FL.


Available on DVD February 2005 ($39.98 MSRP)

A special box set containing the final 32 episodes of the Pokémon Master Quest series on three DVDs. These episodes have never before been released on home video and are sure to delight young fans.

MEGAMAN: NT WARRIOR Volume 4, Download

Available on DVD February 2005 ($14.98 MSRP) and VHS ($9.98 MSRP)

Young hero Lan and his robotic alter ego MegaMan continue to try to thwart the evil World Three's never-ending quest to take over the world. Volume 4 contains a special free MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR graphic novel sampler book from VIZ (DVD only).

ZOIDS CHAOTIC CENTURY Volumes 6, Beast and Volume 7, United

Available on DVD January 2005 and Volume 7 available March 2005 ($14.98 MSRP)

Zoids is one of the most popular and action packed series that will delight young fans of Robotech and Transformers. ZOIDS CHAOTIC CENTURY is a beautifully animated series that features battling dinosaur-like robots.

For girls and fans of shôjo anime and manga, VIZ continues to prove that anime is no longer just for boys. The following selection is rated "T" for teens.

BOYS OVER FLOWERS Volume 9, Lovers on the Run!?

Available on DVD January 2005 ($24.98 MSRP)

Volume 10, Love Triangle from Hell!

Available March 2005 ($24.98 MSRP)

Tales of high school angst – anime style. Follow the latest attempts of a young girl to fit in and make friends at an exclusive Tokyo prep school. Graphic novels also available from VIZ.

"VIZ is committed to offering a comprehensive array of unique anime titles for viewers of all ages that represent the best within action, kids and shôjo genres," states Anthony Jiwa, director of marketing for VIZ. "Fans of INUYASHA, ZOIDS CHAOTIC CENTURY and MEGAMAN NT WARRIOR have highly anticipated the release of these newest volumes, while POKéMON fans are sure to delight in the availability of the MASTER QUEST box set that concludes the epic fifth season.. After the successful release and stellar reviews of the first FLAME OF RECCA volume in 2004, we also look forward to audiences discovering and supporting this compelling action story with the same fervor they have embraced so many other VIZ anime titles."

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