Viz announces acquisition of 'Hana-Kimi' and 'Angel Sanctuary'

VIZ, LLC, North America's leadingpublisher of manga for English-speaking audiences announced today theaddition of two new manga series to its popular shôjo line of graphicnovels--HANA-KIMI and ANGEL SANCTUARY, shipping in February and March 2004,respectively.

Also known as Hanazakari no Kimi-tachi e (For You in Full Blossom),HANA-KIMI is the third and longest-running series from Hisaya Nakajo.Originally serialized in the bi-weekly manga anthology "Hana to Yume" fromHakusensha, HANA-KIMI is a multiple product brand in Japan, with pencilboards, calendars, CDs, character books, and stationary sets available inaddition to the tankouban (graphic novels). VIZ' release marks theEnglish-language debut of the series. HANA-KIMI will be availableexclusively at Waldenbooks through May 2004.

A 20-volume series in Japan, Kaori Yuki's ANGEL SANCTUARY also inspiredadditional products in Japan, including art books, a postcard book,stickers, jewelry, stationary, posters, pencil boards, and clocks.Available for the first time in English when it ships from VIZ in March2004, the ANGEL SANCTUARY manga series extends beyond the plot covered inthe three-episode OAV currently available from Central Park Media. ANGELSANCTUARY graphic novels will be available at retailers nationwide.

Both series will be part of VIZ' shôjo line of graphic novels, whichfeatures exciting storylines and true-to-life characters. Appealing to bothfemale and male readers, VIZ' shôjo line includes an extensive list ofpopular titles like FUSHIGI YÛGI, CERES, CELESTIAL LEGEND, and REVOLUTIONARYGIRL UTENA making it one the best-selling categories VIZ offers.


Japanese-American track-and-field star Mizuki is transferring to a highschool in Japan, just so she can be closer her idol, high jumper Izumi Sano.But she hasn't transferred to just any high school--now she's going to anall-boys high school! Forced to disguise herself as a boy, fate soonintervenes and Mizuki discovers that she and Izumi are more thanclassmates--they're roommates! Now, Mizuki must keep her secret in theclassroom, the locker room, and her own bedroom. But how will her classmatesand the weird school nurse react to the new transfer student who looks likea very pretty boy?

Story and art by Hisaya NakajoFormat: Trade Paper, 5 x 7 1/2US Price: $9.95


At the center of this epic tale of Heaven and Hell and forbidden love, ishigh-school student Setsuna Mudô. He's no angel--he's completely tactlessaround girls, has an unpredictable temper, and can become extremely violent.That he comes from a broken home and is in love with his sister Sara justmakes matters worse! Add teenage hormones and major issues with his mother,and you've got the recipe for one troubled kid! And then Setuna's realitybecomes seriously twisted when his past life as an angel starts to plaguethe present and threatens to destroy the future...

Story and art by Kaori YukiFormat: Trade Paper, 5 x 7 1/2US Price: $9.95

ABOUT VIZ, LLCFounded in 1986, VIZ is a multi-media entertainment company specializing inJapanese entertainment properties for U.S. audiences. VIZ offers anintegrated product line including magazines, comics, graphic novels, videos,DVDs and audio soundtracks. VIZ publishes over 20 titles every monthincluding: DRAGON BALL Z, GUNDAM, HAMTARO, INUYASHA, POKéMON, RANMA 1/2,SHONEN JUMP, and YU-GI-OH!.

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