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Vixen: Return of the Lion #4

by  in Comic Reviews Comment
Vixen: Return of the Lion #4

Things aren’t quite what they seem to be in the first three issues. The penultimate chapter of Vixen’s adventures in her homeland of Zambesi offers a metaphoric test of her connection to the Tantu Totem by placing her in battle with a man-eating lion and her own anger.

Wilson has taken strides in this series to make Vixen a little deeper, to help her grow a little bit more. Mari Jiwe McCabe now knows more about herself than she did coming into this story, but she still has a long way to grow. She is still a very human character, despite her connections beyond humanity. Wilson has crawled inside the head of this character, realigned some of the gears, and now has made Vixen a character with burgeoning confidence.

Kwesi, her adversary from the first two issues, is nowhere to be seen in this issue, but through his absence his legend grows and the true depth of the dangers in place become evident. Intergang has stretched its tentacles into Zambesi, and played all of the Justice Leaguers, Kwesi and his gang and even Vixen as puppets in a grand scheme.

All of this grand scheme is still magnificently rendered by Cafu. I’m running out of exclamations for this artist’s abilities, but suffice it to say, the art is still solid. It does seem a little rushed in certain areas, but not so much as to be detrimental or distracting to the overall adventure contained within these pages. Cafu brings a sensibility to the page that gives me inklings of Frank Quitely, or Steve McNiven, or even the two combined.

DC has a real gem on their hands here, with a solid creative team that nurtures the strengths of each member to truly function as a team. Any other letterer, colorist or artist would make this book somehow incomplete. I look forward to next issue and hope that it allows Wilson and crew enough room to put a definitive bow on the range and use of Vixen’s powers, from their manifestation to the limitations thereof.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish (well, start to issue #4) and hope that sales have drummed up enough interest for Vixen to stretch her wings again. Until that point, this is a story I will definitely go back and re-read again. If DC collects it in hardcover, I will certainly purchase one, as I think this entire series will have a much more compelling voice in collected form. Truly, that is saying quite a bit.