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Vixen: Return of the Lion #2

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Vixen: Return of the Lion #2

Squaring up against Aku Kwesi, Vixen quickly discovers she is more than a little outmatched. Kwesi’s threats are not only to Vixen’s ancestral home, but her life as well. Ushered out of the village for fear of the retribution her continued presence would draw from Kwesi, Vixen is set to wander the plains, wounded, weakened and alone.

Through fevered dreams and a journey across the plains, we see a conversation between Vixen and her deceased mother as well as flashbacks to Mari Jiwe McCabe’s childhood before she ever became entangled with the power of the Tantu Totem.

Vixen’s mother tells her, “You forgot the land that gave you your powers. You must remember it now, if you want to survive. Use the land – you need its help. You are not a costume, Mari. You are not a name or a duty to a cause. You are your bones, and your bones are of this place. Remember.” And remember is what Mari does, calling upon the wildlife of Africa (a hyena and a cobra – spitting venom into the face of a jackal), Mari defends herself from a pack of jackals.

Wilson continues a very entertaining read here and also starts to divulge clues regarding the various exhibitions of Vixen’s powers. Vixen is unsure of her ability to summon her powers almost as much as the readers nowadays are unclear “what” those powers are. The promise is in these pages to find out together.

Cafu’s art is, undoubtedly, the best of the new books this week, maybe even the best looking art of any book released in a good few months. He carries a style reminiscent of Steve McNiven, but more clean in line. Arcas’ colors accentuate the strength of the art to an almost hypnotizing end.

The end of this issue sets up the next for exploration of character as Vixen encounters a lion named Zaki. Rather than fight, in her wounded state, she flees, calling upon the speed of a cheetah. Exhausted, however, Vixen is no match and is quickly overtaken by the lion. What comes of this encounter will surely be the turning point in this series and a major milestone in the development of this character.