'Visual Reference For Comic Artists: Vol 1' ships in September

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Writer Buddy Scalera will release a CD-ROM "Visual Reference for Comic Artists: Vol. 1" in September, which will be available in comic book stores.

Published through After Hours Press, the $10.00 CD-ROM contains 500+ photos of male and female models in dramatic superhero poses. There is bonus art by Sean Chen showing how visual reference can be used.

The CD features all-original photographs of people, places and things. There are shots of New York City, construction vehicles, rubble, a bank vault, a silver statue, and all types of common everyday objects that a comic book artist may need for reference.

The models are posed with guns, weapons, and other objects that allow an artist to get perfect perspective and anatomy. Shots include straight-on, birds-eye, worms-eye, etc.

The CD is Mac and PC compatible and will be available through most comic book stores. Copies are also on sale through www.buddyscalera.com.

Quotes from Pros:

"I wish I had this disk when I was first starting out. This is perfect for aspiring artists and professionals working on a monthly book."-- Jimmy Palmiotti, artist, writer, editor

Visual Reference for Comic Artists is the perfect tool for any artist -- beginner, veteran or otherwise. It turns countless hours of searching for the right reference into time well spent at the drawing board.-- Mike Marts, Marvel Comics editor

"This is something I've hoped would be produced for a long time! This disc is a spot-on, smart tool for the modern illustrator. It's a whole new way to bring the art of computers and comics together."-- Darick Robertson, artist

"Photo reference is an important part to making your drawings believable. The Visual Reference for Comic Artists CD is a great way to get photos when you need them the most. I highly recommend it!"-- Dan Fraga, artist


Scalera wrote and co-wrote 10 popular issues of Marvel Comics' Deadpool. His work also appears in X-Men Millennial Visions, Marvel Knights Millennial Visions, Marvel Millennial Visions, and X-Men Unlimited. Scalera recently wrote Weapon X: Sauron. Scalera also self-published the horror title Necrotic: Dead Flesh on a Living Body through After Hours Press.

Scalera is currently writing Decoy: Storm of the Century for Penny Farthing Press.

After Hours Press released Darren Sanchez's "Celestial Alliance" in July at the Wizard World: Chicago 2002 convention. After Hours Press had a full exhibitor booth in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Sample artwork and photography available through Buddy Scalera at WizBuddy@aol.com.

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