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Official Press Release

September 2005…Visionary Comics Studio was conceived…

April 2006…Visionary Comics Studio's birth was announced to the world…

July 19, 2006…Visionary Comics Studio will proudly be making its first public debut at this year's San Diego Comicon, and harkening to the spirit of their name, they are doing it in a truly visionary way! "What better way to make our public debut than to simply revolutionize the way creators can break into comics?" Brian Augustyn, VCS' Senior Editor stated.


In an exclusive partnership with Markosia Enterprises LTD, Visionary will be launching its first Be A Visionary Contest which will kickoff taking submissions July 20th at the San Diego Comicon and will be open for entry through September 10th at the Baltimore Comicon. We will also begin announcing the first winning and SOON TO BE PUBLISHED creators at the Baltimore Convention. Yes, you read that right…SOON TO BE PUBLISHED!

"This is a contest for every kind of creator and you can enter on your OWN merits, you don't have to find a team, we do that for you." C. Edward Sellner, VCS Creative Director stated. "This is also not a scam where you pay us to print your art and send it anywhere so it might be reviewed. This is actually a proving ground where you end up published, a rep contract and a printed portfolio!"

Submissions can be made online at VCS' website at www.visionarycomics.com, through email at csellner@visionarycomics.com, standard mail to 1348 Cape St. Claire Road PMB 1887, Annapolis, MD 21409, or hand delivered at conventions. Submissions will be accepted exclusively at the VCS booth at the San Diego Comicon with the kickoff. We will also be accepting submissions through the Markosia booth at the Chicago Comicon, and again at the VCS booth at the Baltimore show. All entries must be RECEIVED by Visionary no later than September 10, 2006.

First round qualifiers in each category will receive notice of their status within two weeks of submission. Those who pass the first round of qualification will then be partnered with a team, the team will then compete in the second round competition which requires the team to complete an actual 6-page story under VCS' guidance. Qualifiers at the second round are guaranteed invitations to the studio as active members, and that their completed story will be given some public exposure. Finally, finished stories will then be judged and the top choices will be slotted for publication as backup stories in Markosia titles. YES! PRINTED! Team will retain full rights to the story and property. There is no monetary award or payment for this contest, winners will be offered professional representation contracts through Visionary Comics Studio, guaranteed public exposure and consideration of their work, the opportunity to develop a creator-owned property through VCS, and grand prize winners will have their work published and thus hit that all important mark of PUBLISHED CREATOR! All prize winners will be notified no later than December 18, 2006. Number of qualifying entries and winners at each stage will be based on number of entrants, and number of potential slots for stories available.

"We believe in the mission of Visionary Comics Studio to bring talented new creators into the industry and we're excited and committed to be part of this with them!" Markosia's Chuck Satterlee shared.

"We couldn't do this without the support of Markosia and the great people there like Harry Markos and Chuck Satterlee." Sellner added. "We're thrilled to be working with them, and absolutely stunned by the amount of trust, faith and commitment they've shown to helping launch the next generation of comic creators!"


As if the contest of the year was not enough, Visionary will also he packing a plethora of purchasable pleasures! We will be debuting our 2006 Preview Special, a full-color 24 page comic featuring previews of four of VCS' current projects in development. We will also be featuring print editions of covers from several books, Collector items DVD's of the hit indy film Livelihood, with a free exclusive VCS Poster based on the film, and a number of other debut exclusives! Check our website for more details, a complete list of attending Visionaries, and info of where to find us at the convention!


-VCS welcomes our Head Production Chief Dave Lanphear of Artmonkeys.com, one of the most accomplished designers in the comics industry. Dave will supervise and oversee our main projects pre-press and production.

-VCS has signed our first Classic Visions property and will be working to repackage the classic 80's series Trollords by Scott Beaderstadt, Jim Brozman, and Paul Fricke. The first package edition will feature an exclusive, all-new cover by comics legend Alex Ross. Details should be available by 4th Quarter 2006.

About Visionary Comics Studio: Having launched in 2006, VCS is the world's first Teaching Studio for aspiring comics creators. Working with creators on series they own, VCS paves the way for those creators to bring their works to the mainstream market. With a line of creator-owned books, its own studio line, licensed work and other special projects, Visionary is all about bringing something new to the comics industry. For more information, check out our web site: www.visionarycomics.com

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