INTERVIEW: In Vision, Cain & Mohan Spin a Tale of Synthezoid Adolescent Rebellion

Let's talk a little more about your collaborator, artist Aud Koch. I think she's a perfect choice in that her style has a similar feel to Gabriel Walta's, but it's also very much her own. What do you enjoy most about her style?

Mohan: Working with Aud has been great. She brings so much personality and emotion to Viv especially that it’s a wonder to behold. She’s got a really passionate approach and, obviously, the talent to back it up. Her instincts for laying out panels on the page and allowing for emotional moments to fully register are uncanny. And she draws a really cool version of [redacted].

Cain: I think she’s a really talented artist, which is why we wanted her on the project to begin with. I love the expressiveness of her work - she has a knack for capturing specific emotional beats. She is able to convey a wonderful looseness of body language that I think feels really fresh in comics. She has a natural sense of visual rhythm. She has an intuitive notion of how action plays out across the page. Not just physical action - but the emotional arc - she always hits that beat. It’s very much a fiction writing skill, and it’s hard to find in visual artists. I would love to read a comic that Aud both wrote and illustrated. I think it would be phenomenal.

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EXCLUSIVE: Art from Vision #1 by Aud Koch and Jordie Bellaire.

Let's conclude by talking a little bit more about an important element in the relationship between a father and his teen daughter; their peers. Both Viv and Vision have some very interesting ones and you've hinted that some will appear. So what else can you tell us about your supporting cast?

Mohan: Clearly, when you’re telling a story about Vision that involved themes of family, you’ve got a lot of potential ground to cover. The previous volume demonstrated that, and we’ve tried as well to take advantage of the ways that Vision’s history connects to so many other legendary Marvel characters, from Ultron to the Scarlet Witch to the original Human Torch, hopefully in ways that make dramatic sense and aren’t just continuity call-outs for Marvel lifers (not that there’s anything wrong with a little bit of that, too).

We did manage as well to drop in a couple of characters of interest to Chelsea Cain fans, though I wouldn’t want to spoil anything in particular.

Cain: MOCKINGBIRD! I mean, hypothetically, she just seems like a really good role model for a female teen hero.

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