Vision Writer Chelsea Cain Shocked By Comic's Cancellation

Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan and Aud Koch's The Vision, a six-issue miniseries set to focus on Vision and his daughter Viv as they try to recover from the events of the Eisner-winning Vision series by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez-Walta and Jordie Bellaire, was cancelled earlier this week, shocking fans and, as it turns out, the creative team, too.

"We’ve been working solidly for the last six months," Cain told Entertainment Weekly. "The first three issues are inked. The first issue is colored. They all have amazing cover art. The series was announced in July. And officially solicited about a month ago. They put it in Previews. They advertised it. Why go through all of that, just to pull the plug?”

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Since the cancellation, Cain has been vocal about her concerns with the comics industry, specifically the freelance status of most creators. "The most shocking part of it is that the people who work in it, who support these institutional norms, they’re the best people you’d ever want to meet. They love comics," Cain said. “And the freelancers? They’re held hostage by the work. When Marvel asks you to let something go, to toe the line, the implication is clear. DC and Marvel dominate this industry. Freelancers don’t want to make enemies of institutions, because freelancers depend on the next job that comes along.”

Cain did express affection for those that she's worked at with Marvel, particularly editor Wil Moss, who she called “one of the most lovely, personable, talented people in comics." The writer added she'd "never had a negative interaction with anyone at Marvel. They have given me nothing but positive feedback."

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Marvel has not released an official comment on the cancellation Vision, or in response to Cain’s statements.

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