Vision Writer Chelsea Cain Says She's 'Dead' to Marvel

Writer Chelsea Cain has indicated that her outspokenness following Marvel's cancellation of The Vision spells the end of her relationship with the publisher.

"[Marvel] wanted it to be clean and quiet," Cain told the Daily Beast, "with the implication—not even—with the understanding that they had more projects for me in the future if we could keep this clean and not make anybody look bad... I really didn’t like being told to not talk about it. I didn’t like being told that they just kind of wanted to leak it [to the press] and then let it go and not have anybody make the story bigger by granting interviews or answering questions, even just online or anything.”

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“Yeah, I’m dead to them," she continued. "I guess there is that freedom of being like, well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore!”

Since the cancellation of Vision, Cain, who left Twitter in late 2016 due to harassment over her Mockingbird series, has also put the spotlight on the working conditions of many in the comics industry. "I have so many friends who work in comics who this kind of stuff happens to in one form or another, not uncommonly, and nobody can speak up,” she said. “They’re always told what messages they can share and the things that they’re supposed to lie about. And you have to do it because otherwise, you won’t have the next job. And it’s not just Marvel Comics, it’s a freelancer economy, in a way I think that most people do not understand.”

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Despite her criticisms of Marvel and the cancellation of her comic, Cain has continually expressed her affection for her colleagues at the company, saying, "I don’t think that it was part of some kind of like, sexist conspiracy. I think it was some really smart, funny, friendly boys in a room making a decision and it never occurred to them that this was important, or that these kinds of comics needed a place."

Cain and her husband Marc Mohan were set to pair with Aud Koch to craft a follow-up to the events of the Eisner-winning Vision series by Tom King, Gabriel Hernandez-Walta and Jordie Bellaire. Cain currently pens the Image-published series Man-Eaters, along with Mockingbird creative partner, artist Kate Niemczyk.

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