Marvel: 10 Alternate Versions Of The Vision, Ranked

In the world of Marvel Comics, there are so many new and developing heroes and teams that often it can be difficult to keep track of everyone. Yet when it comes to the classic heroes that made Marvel what it is today, their legacy will forever keep them in the spotlight.

One such hero is The Vision. An android originally created as a villain serving Ultron, the character managed to break his shackles and rise up as a true hero. In the Marvel Multiverse, there are several more versions of the hero, so let’s take a look at the ten best versions, officially ranked.

10 Mainframe

The first version of the Vision that should be looked at is Mainframe. Now there have been a couple of versions of this character, but the one that this article is going to focus on is from Earth-691. In this world, Mainframe is a future version of Vision that is featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In this future in this universe, Mainframe is known as the chief operating system of an entire planet. He is also in charge of protecting the shield of the hero Captain America, and later joins the Guardians to create the Galactic Guardians.

9 Earth-X Vision

The next version of the Vision that had a pretty major story arc is the Vision of Earth X. This version of the hero rose up to become a leader after some pretty tragic events. On this world, the Absorbing Man had absorbed the intelligence of the villainous Ultron, and became a powerful foe.

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In the battle with the Avengers, the Absorbing Man’s growing power allowed him to end the life of the Vision’s wife and teammate Scarlet Witch. In anger, Vision downloaded a computer virus into the Absorbing Man before destroying him. He would later lead Tony Stark’s Iron Avengers.

8 Exiles Vision

One of the more dangerous and villainous versions of Vision to ever appear in the comics had to be the Exiles version of Vision. In the Exiles, Vision was arrogant, cruel and bloodthirsty, and took this mindset into the Exiles counterparts, Weapon X. He boasted often about surviving any attack.

He held off the Exiles single handedly until Nimrod sentinels from another world that was dominated by the robots incapacitated him. He was later incinerated and destroyed mostly by King Hyperion, who had wanted Visions help conquering other parallel worlds. He was ultimately destroyed by Magneto launching an asteroid at the planet.

7 MC2 Vision

One of the more popular versions of The Vision has to be the MC2 version of the hero. MC2 is a popular alternate universe in which the heroes of the Marvel Universe had arrived fifteen years before their original debut. Many new heroes arose thanks to this alternate timeline, such as the daughter of Wolverine and Elektra, Wild Thing, and the team A-Next.

It is on A-Next that the MC2 Vision makes his debut, going under the name Mainframe. In this version, Vision was based off of Tony Stark’s personality, who created him. Mainframe jumps from armor to armor to maintain his heroic career.

6 Anti-Vision

There are times when some of the alternate versions of Vision appear in the mainstream Marvel 616 universe. One famous instance of this occurred when the villainous alternate version of Dane Whitman, aka Black Knight, appeared. This version of the hero was a villain named Proctor, who led a group known as The Gatherers.

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During the story arc The Gatherers, Proctor brought an alternate version of Vision from another world to spy on the Avengers, capturing the original Vision and replacing him with his spy version. The mainstream Vision escaped however and managed to stop his evil doppleganger and Proctor.

5 Last Avenger Vision

A tragic version of the Vision has to be the one featured in the limited series The Last Avenger. Premiering in 1995, the Last Avenger version of Vision had two children with his wife Scarlet Witch, but ultimately they perished when he was battling Scarlet Witch’s brother Quicksilver.

Marked by tragedy and forced to overcome it all, Vision decided it was time to join the other heroes for one last stand. With the surviving members of the Avengers by his side, he charged into battle against not only his longtime foe Ultron, but the time traveling villain known as Kang the Conquerer.

4 Marvel Zombies Vision

One of the more interesting alternate versions of The Vision has to come from the Marvel Zombies universe. In the limited series Marvel Zombies vs The Army of Darkness, Vision is one of the Avengers who is hostile to Ash, who despite having appeared to help the Avengers stop an incoming zombie invasion, is rejected due to his abrupt personality.

Later in Marvel Zombies 3, the Vision has been taken apart partially and is having his body used as a communications system by the now zombified version of Kingpin. The tragedy of this version of Vision is he still loves his wife Scarlet Witch, despite her being a zombie now.

3 Marvel Mangaverse Vision

One of the more interesting versions of the Vision has to be from the Marvel Mangaverse universe. In this alternate universe, the heroes and stories are similar to that of the 616 universe, including the Vision, who’s personality is an exact match for his 616 counterpart. However things are different in this world, especially in style as these comics are meant to mirror manga style artwork.

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Thus in this world, the Vision is much shorter and much more robotic looking than his 616 counterpart. He is still a part of the Avengers, and later he is taken out by Doctor Doom alongside Captain America and Hawkeye.

2 Marvel 2099 Vision

The unique version of the Vision that completely changes the character has to be the Vision of Marvel 2099. Originally thought to be one of many possible futures of the Marvel Universe or even an alternate universe, this now established future version of the mainstream Marvel Universe has changed the Vision into a whole new type of hero.

This version of Vision is a young woman who has precognitive abilities. Using her powers to find threats to the world, she aids Iron Man 2099 in protecting the world, under the membership and leadership of Alchemax’s Avengers, the future version of the heroic team.

1 Ultimate Vision

The best alternate version of Vision has to come from the Ultimate universe. In that universe believe it or not had three different version of the character. The main version however was a woman robot who had been damaged and had retained its sentience.

Coming to Earth to warn the planet of the coming threat of Gah Lak Tus, the world eater, she tells the Ultimates and the X-Men that the closet Earth translation of her name is Vision. She also battles the organization AIM and has a developing history with the ultimate version of Sam Wilson, in this world known as Dr. Sam Wilson of SHIELD.

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