Virgin's First Time: Previewing "Devi" #1

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Official Press Release

NEW YORK, NY – May 22 – Virgin Comics will be releasing preview pages this week for the company's first comic books. The titles may be ordered now from Diamond Comic Distributors for retail sale in July.

Virgin Comics will introduce Devi today, and The Sadhu tomorrow, May 23. The previews being released include several pages of final art and lettered pages from the first issues of each story.

Devi (pronounced day-vee), is the mysterious story of the warrior goddess Devi and the battles she fights that no one ever sees. This modern take on a very ancient myth was created by acclaimed film maker Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth, Four Feathers). Devi #1 goes on sale at comic shops on Wednesday, July 12.

"The preview pages for Devi are being released simultaneously at Virgin Comics' headquarters in New York, the Virgin Comics and Virgin Animation studios in Bangalore, India, and at Virgin offices in London. We are delighted to at the forefront of story telling for comic book fans in every time zone," said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan.

"Virgin Comics Issue Zero" a free 24 page introduction to Virgin Comics will be released at comic book stores and Virgin Megastores on June 28.

The Sadhu will be in stores on July 26. Snakewoman – Virgin Comics first release from their Director's Cut line – will debut on July 19.

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width="127" height="190" alt="" align="left" border="0">DEVI #1


Art & Cover by MUKESH SINGH

July 12 ▪ 32 pg ▪ $2.99

The rapid decay of the city of Sitapur and its festering crime forged by the fearsome renegade god Bala has forced the divine pantheon to re-birth a fierce feminine warrior by the name of Devi! Taking the form of a young city girl now cast as a "warrior of the light," the Devi finds her only ally is a burnt out detective who's made quite a name for himself as a hunter of the strange creatures that lurk the city's underbelly.

About Virgin Comics LLC

Virgin Comics LLC (www.VirginComics.com) was founded in November 2005 by Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Group (www.virgin.com), alongside author Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and Gotham Entertainment Group LLC (www.GothamComics.com), South Asia's leading publisher of comic magazines. The company has offices in New York City and Bangalore, India.

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