Virgin Comics' "The Megas"

Official Press Release

In this election year, the buzzword is "change". We all agree that things need to change, but how much change would you be willing to endure? Think about this, what would life be like if America wasn't a democracy at all? What if our founding fathers were a group of powerful men from a unique race whose only purpose was to ensure the continuity of their own reign? Fast-forward 230 years and we have found ourselves entrenched in a totalitarian society, where inferior commoners are governed by the powerful "Megas". Is that the kind of change you had in mind?

This is the concept behind The Megas, the latest release from Virgin Comics. Created by Jonathan Mostow (director of Terminator 3 and U-571), The Megas is part of Virgin Comics' Directors Cut line of comics, which features visionary stories from maverick directors such as John Woo, Guy Ritchie, Terry Gilliam and Ed Burns.

The storyline of The Megas revolves around Detective Jack Madison and his race-against-the-clock investigation to uncover secrets behind the mysterious sex-fueled suicide of a Prince in The Megas royal family. Meanwhile, the King is on his deathbed at The White Palace (yes, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!), and society is bracing for the inevitable chaos that will surely ensue once he dies. As one controversial truth after another is revealed, Detective Madison finds himself entrenched in lies, corruption and. well.. I guess as much as things change, they still stay the same.

The Megas: Beautful. Powerful. Better.

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