Virgin Comics Previews "The Sadhu" #1

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Official Press Release

NEW YORK, NY – May 23 – Virgin Comics has revealed pages from another of their summer books, The Sadhu. The publisher began revealing previews of their first comic books on Monday with several pages of final art and lettered pages from the first issues of each story.

The previews released today include The Sadhu #1 which goes on sale at comic shops on Wednesday, July 26. The titles may be ordered now from Diamond Comic Distributors.

The Sahdu (pronounced sah-doo), combines mysticism with awesome action. The story stars James Jensen, a former army officer at the edge of spiritual liberation, who returns home seeking revenge against the killer who has destroyed his family. This epic quest was conceived and written by Virgin Comics' chief creator Gotham Chopra (Bulletproof Monk), and illustrated by India's premier comic artist Jeevan Kang (Spider-Man India).

"These pages from The Sadhu are Virgin Comics' second worldwide preview in as many days. We are especially excited to be sharing stories and art created by our enormously talented staff," said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan.

"Virgin Comics Issue Zero" a free 24 page introduction to Virgin Comics will be released at comic book stores and Virgin Megastores on June 28.

Devi will be in stores on July 12. Snakewoman – Virgin Comics first release from their Director's Cut line – will debut on July 19, and The Sadhu goes on sale July 26.

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width="127" height="190" alt="" align="left" border="0">THE SADHU #1


Art & Cover by JEEVAN KANG

July 26 ▪ 32 pg ▪ $2.99

I was once a "Sadhu" – what, in the East, they call mystics. I was sitting on the threshold of moksha – spiritual liberation or enlightenment. But I'm not one anymore. Because I lusted after something else, something just as primal and ubiquitous. It's called revenge.

Virgin Comics presents an epic quest created by Gotham Chopra (Bulletproof Monk), and India's premier comic artist Jeevan Kang (Spider-Man India).

About Virgin Comics LLC

Virgin Comics LLC (www.VirginComics.com) was founded in November 2005 by Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Group (www.virgin.com), alongside author Deepak Chopra, filmmaker Shekhar Kapur and Gotham Entertainment Group LLC (www.GothamComics.com), South Asia's leading publisher of comic magazines. The company has offices in New York City and Bangalore, India.

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