Viper's "The Expendable One" Is Hollywood Bound

Official Press Release

With the recent announcement that The Expendable One will be made into a feature film by Intrepid Pictures, Viper Comics is offering its readers the chance to see where it all began for half off the book's original cover price.   Created by Jason M. Burns, The Expendable One follows the misadventures of an indestructible everyday Joe named Twigs Dupree who finds himself having to track down a gruesome serial killer.   Originally released in April of 2006 with art by Bryan Baugh, the graphic novel has gone on to be a cult favorite in the world of comics and now it can be yours for only $6.00 by visiting the Viper Comics shop at http://vipercomics.com/shop/ .

"It's been an exciting couple of week for Viper Comics with the announcement that The Expendable One is headed to the big screen and we wanted to celebrate by getting it into the hands of those readers who have yet to take a peak inside the universe that Burns created," states Viper Comics President Jessie Garza.   "Filled with comedy, gore, and horror galore, the graphic novel is a must read for anyone interested in both the dark and lighter side of comics."

In the wake of the property being optioned for film, Viper Comics is also announcing that they will release a sequel to the book this August, wittily titled The Expendable One: The Boob Versus the Boobs .   In his first adventure, the bumbling Twigs Dupree was almost castrated by the maniacal cult leader known only as The Animal, now one year later, the invincible hero returns to face his greatest threat yet… really hot woman and their KILLER bodies.   Boobs and bullets and blood! Oh my!

Those interested in purchasing The Expendable One for $6.00 should visit http://vipercomics.com/shop/ soon.   The limited time offer lasts until June 29 th , 2007.

The Expendable One: The Boob Versus the Boobs will ship to stores in August.

For more information on The Expendable One , The Expendable One: The Boob Versus the Boobs and Viper Comics, visit www.vipercomics.com.

The Expendable One: The Boob Versus the Boobs

96 Pages/Color/$11.95

ISBN: 978-0-9793680-2-8

Diamond Previews:   Jun07 3940

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