Viper Offers Up New Webcomic

Official Press Release

"You'll Have That" is a brand new webcomic written and drawn by Wesley Molebash and published online by Viper Comics. The comic strip will be updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

"You'll Have That" follows the lives of Andy and Katie, a young couple in their twenties trying to figure out life together. Wesley describes the comic as "a romantic comic strip without all the mushiness."

Many of the situations depicted in the comic are based on actual events and conversations the author has experienced with his wife, Tricia. Wesley says, "My wife and I are almost exact opposites which makes for some pretty interesting conversations and disagreements. We're still in love in spite of it all, and I want to translate that dynamic into my characters, Andy and Katie." The author also notes that he hopes to see Andy and Katie through all of their major life events. "I want Andy and Katie to experience the same things that my wife and I experience."

Molebash's biggest influences are Bill Watterson, Michael Jantze, Darby Conley, and Scott Kurtz.

Check out the latest web strip for "You'll Have That" here.

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