Viper Introduces Emily Edison To The Comic Book World

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Official Press Release

April 10, 2006 - Divorce is always hard, especially when children areinvolved. Sometimes a family member is willing to do just aboutanything to see more of his or her loved ones? even if that meansdestroying the Earth. For Emily Edison, those awkward teen years areabout to get even more confusing.

Emily Edison leads an action packed, double-dimensional life. Her dadis a super genius appliance repairman who opened a portal with hisnuclear powered vacuum cleaner. After stepping through it, he met,fell in love with, and married Emily's would be mother from anotherdimension. They had Emily and lived happily for a few years. However,these interdimensional romances never last and Emily's parentsdivorced. Since then, Emily has divided her time between two worlds.Her hectic teenage life is becoming a blur - homework, slumber parties,unrequited crushes, school dances, and on top of all that: A jealousalternaverse grandfather who hopes to bring her home by destroying theearth. Reality hangs in peril and Emily must use her other worldlypowers to save the planet she calls home in the ultimateinterdimensional custody battle.

Emily Edison will be available in June and is written by David Hopkins(Karma Inc.) and drawn by artist Brock Rizy. Fans can get an earlylook at the art of Emily Edison this month however when Rizy hosts asolo art exhibit at the Magnolia Bar Gallery in Dallas, Texas.

Also, make sure to look for an excerpt from Emily Edison appearing thisMay on Free Comic Book Day in the Viper Comics Presents anthology.

For more information on Emily Edison visithttp://www.vipercomics.com/features/emily_edison.asp

144 Pages/ Color


Diamond Number: APR06-3434

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