Viper Comics To Release "A Bit Haywire"

Official Press Release

Super powers are nothing to laugh at… unless of course you're Owen Bryce, the star of Viper Comics' soon-to-be-released graphic novel "A Bit Haywire." Learning he has the ability to fly (but only with his eyes closed) or discovering he can run at super speed (but only with his breath held) are only two of the many adventures Bryce will experience this November when the series by creator/artist Courtney Huddelston and writer Scott Zirkel is released to stores everywhere.

"'A Bit Haywire' is a fun read from cover to cover and the premise appeals to both adolescents and adults," states Jessie Garza, Viper Comics president.   "As a graphic novel, the book is the perfect addition to the Viper library and the artwork by Huddelston is a simple, yet eye catching display of visual storytelling."

The original graphic novel centers on Bryce, a normal good-natured 10 year-old boy who likes robots and thinks all girls have cooties, but while he appears average on the surface, he'll soon find out just how abnormal he really is when everything begins to go a bit haywire.

To view a preview of A Bit Haywire, visit www.abithaywire.com.

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