Viper Comics Solicitation For Product Shipping July 2004

DEAD @17: Blood Of Saints # 4 of 4

(W/A) Josh Howard

Color 32 pp $2.95 Monthly ongoing 4 issue miniseries

In stores July 2004


"The first four-issue series was a surprise hit, and it's not too hard to see why" - Variety.com

"The only thing this book doesn't come with is popcorn" - Broken Frontier.com

"As with the first series, this one speaks to me and leaves me wanting more. I can't recommend it enough! - Silver Bullet Comic Books.com

"The first issue of Blood of Saints not only lived up to my expectations, but surprised me in some ways as well." - Comixtreme.com


It's a tale of friendship, destiny, and betrayal set against the backdrop of the eternal conflict between Good and Evil.


Just when Nara thought things couldn't get any worse, all hell breaks loose. She has lost her life and her family, and now Nara stands to lose the one thing she has left - her friends. It's Violet vs Nara in the ultimate showdown...don't count on a happy ending.

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Dead@17 is ™ and © Josh Howard and Viper Comics 2003.

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