Viper Comics launches 'Fangs On-Line'

Official Press Release

Viper Comics a new comic book publishing company has launched one of its new comic series as a free on-line comic book. Everyone at Viper has been working around the clock to make a February 2003 deadline. The company wants to familiarize comic fans with Viper Comics characters. The on-line comic series "FANGS" has made it's debut at http://www.vipercomics.com. The on-line comic series will be updated weekly.

The series was created by Jessie Garza, written by Greg Gatlin, art by Andrew Mangum, letters by Tony Garza, and edits by Jim Resnowski. The story centers around Mia Carter a newspaper reporter who yearns for the story that will take her to the top. After working long hours on uneventful stories at the Metro City Newspaper she begins to wonder when her big break will happen. At the same time the city has become the playground for a serial killer who slashes it's victims. Who or what has been attacking Metro City? The sexy newspaper reporter's curiosity leads her to cross paths with a mysterious man with no past, a wealthy advertising tycoon, and a killer who can't be found. As the brutal attacks continue it appears that they're occurring all around her. Can Mia find the killer before he finds her? The search for the truth will find her confronting her worst fears. Would you confront yours?

Check out our new website, we'll be offering free on-line games, industry news updates, guest interviews, monthly contests, message forums and much more. For more details visit http://www.vipercomics.com.

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